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Showing Up Means Responding to Emails

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Showing Up Means Responding to Emails

Being a mensch this yiddish word means to be honest, fair, kind, and transparent, regardless of who we are dealing with or who will come to know what we have done.
Reveal our interests. Prompt and full disclosure of interests is one of the keys to inspiring trust. People will always wonder what our motives are, so it’s best to reveal them up front.
Give for intrinsic reasons.


Doing something for intrinsic reason


s (such as helping others) is the purest form of reciprocity because so often our recipients are unable to return the favor. This form of reciprocity is the one that increases credibility the most and creates the greatest charm.
Gain knowledge and competence. Knowledge means that it is mastery, thanks to training or experience. Competence is different from knowledge, because knowing is not the same as doing. It means that you have progressed beyond knowing Design Directors Managers Email Lists what you do, to doing what you know.
Introduce ourselves. Even if you have the qualities of a mensch and you have knowledge and competence,


if you don’t show up, that is, if you don’t

Design Directors Managers Email Lists

relate to others, all of that will be useless. In digital parlance, showing up means responding to emails, tweets, letters, voicemails…
Make a bigger cake.There are two types of people and organizations in the world: those who eat and those who feed. Eaters want a bigger piece of the pie; those who feed want to make a bigger cake. Those who eat think that if they win,

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we lose; and that if we win, they lose. Those who give food believe that with a bigger cake everyone could win. Twitter made a bigger cake where everyone can contribute news and updates. Southwest airlines took people from cars and buses to planes. Google took advertising out of the hands of agencies and gave it to small businesses. All those companies made a bigger cake, instead of eating more of what was already there. Making a bigger cake increases our credibility and makes people collaborate,

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