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You Need to Remember That Seo

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You Need to Remember That Seo

Seo goals
Seo aims to place a website in the top position (1), or at least on the first page of search engine results based on certain keywords that have been analyzed / researched to target. Logically, websites that have occupied the top positions in search engine results have a greater chance of getting potential visitors. Visitors can be converted into potential customers or other purposes, this can be set at the beginning of keyword research + optimization of content / article creation.

In line with the growing use of the internet


network as a business media tool, the need for seo is also of course increasing.

Advantages of seo
1. Will have 24 hours free promotion machine
Through seo techniques such as having a free promotion VP IT Email Lists engine that will continuously never stop, which will work full 24 hours of display on the google search engine page.

2. Unlimited income
There is no limited amount per click / web visit so you will get unlimited / unlimited profits

and higher roi results compared to using google adwords / ads for the long term.

Lack of seo

1. Requires special attention

VP of IT Email Lists

You need to remember that seo requires ‘special attention’ in maintaining blogs/

websites in various legal ways by google, such as: updating, creating quality content/articles, sharing to social media, building links, and others.

2. It took quite a long time
Seo is not something instant in the process of making your site appear on the first

page of search engine results on a regular basis, to get it requires continuous process, time and evaluation. The result of course from seo progress you can not see in a

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matter of hours, the progress takes weeks or even months. All will be seen with the passage of time.

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