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Timeline for Bringing Page Experience

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Timeline for Bringing Page Experience

The update is slow and is expected to be completed by the end of march.
On march 4, 2022, around 3:00 am japan time, the completion of deployment was announce.

From february 2022, the page experience will be applied to pcs as well.
Google announced on november 5, 2021 (japan time) that it will start using the page experience as part of its desktop (pc) ranking system from february 2022. According to the google search central blog, the rollout will be complete by the end of march 2022.

Our translation:

From february 2022, we will start using the page experience as part of our desktop ranking system.

See here
For detailstimeline for bringing page Software Managers Email Lists experience ranking to desktop | google search central blog

What is a page experience?
ntermeasures for the page experience update! Introduction from mid-june 2021! ”

Page experience signal

Software Developers Engineers, Directors, Email Lists

Image source: timeline for bringing page experience ranking to desktop | google search central blog

The ranking signal items of the page experience reflected on the pc are the same as those reflected on mobile except for mobile friendly, including “Lcp” “Fid” “Cls” of core web vitals announced around may 2020. It has become.

Related article: [google] announced that core web vitals will be a ranking factor from mid-june 2021!

Search console report to check performance
Desktop (pc) page experience scores and other performance metrics will be available using searchconsole reports.
* mobile reports are already available

What is the impact on the ranking of search results?
Content quality is paramount when google determines search results. The page experience is a central signal that influences when the quality of content is comparable.

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Also, the impact of the completion of the introduction in mobile search results in advance was not so great.
For this reason, it is unlikely that the introduction to desktops (pcs) will have a significant impact.

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