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Few Can Beat Nike’s Famous Just

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Few Can Beat Nike’s Famous Just

There are different ways to make the cause easy to digest and therefore easy to follow:

Use quarter series. A tricolon (trimembre series) is a phrase containing three parts of equal length, like the 1940s chevrolet slogan: “Look at it, try it, buy it”; “Be honest, be brief, and sit still” (franklin d. Roosevelt’s advice to speakers); and “location, location, location” (a popular phrase among real estate agents). The cadence of three words or phrases is really powerful.

Use metaphors. Metaphors are figurative comparisons


hat convey the meaning of our cause. For example, the johnson & johnson ad for the band-aids was “Say hello to your son’s new bodyguard.” the use of the word bodyguard conveyed that the product was strong and the son someone very valuable.

Use similes. Similes are comparisons of two things introduced by ‘as’ or ‘as much as’, but Australia Physiotherapist Email Lists which are in most respects different. For example, “Taking drugs is like playing with fire,” or “Hockey is like war and ballet.” these similes give a starting point for people to understand what is being communicated

from something that is familiar to them.

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Keep it short. Few can beat nike’s famous just do it slogan. Short sentences are memorable and repeatable.
Be positive. Scare tactics are hard to swallow and can have the opposite effect than intended.

or example, the warning that “Twenty-five million people are killing themselves by smoking cigarettes” might convince people that smoking is acceptable because there are twenty-five million people who do it. It is better to draw a realistic picture of future profits rather than trying to scare people.
Show respect. Actions that insult people’s intelligence rarely captivate. Tv commercials for miraculous weight loss, eternal beauty, or instant health fall into this category. When we disrespect, what we get is resentment instead of action. Instead, it’s better to try to do something fantastic, convey the facts and let people decide for themselves.

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