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It’s Like Having a Big Motorbike but Never

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It’s Like Having a Big Motorbike but Never

One trick to get links with traffic is to create backlinks from quality content, especially for the blog post method, aged web 2.0 and pbn or private blog network. That is, create unique, long and seo friendly content even if it is only placed in tier-1 and not for moneysite.


Another way is to insert quality backlinks


on content that already has traffic before. This trick is suitable to be applied to the blog post method. Instead of ordering a new blog post, you can request that a link be inserted into an existing post.


Of course you have to ask for access to visitor statistics such as Canadian CEO Email Lists google analytics or hisstats to the blog owner to be able to find out which posts are getting traffic. Usually the blog owner does not mind such a request, of course as long as the price is right.


Quality seo backlinks


2. Indexed & dofollow  (indexed & dofollow)

Canadian CEO Email Lists

It’s like having a big motorbike but never having a noisy exhaust sound, like

having a diamond ring but never wearing it when you’re on an invitation, that’s a simple description of an unindexed link. Who will know if you have the objects that were bought to be used and exhibited?


Because even though google is very diligent in crawling the web and links all

the time, there are times when it misses your important links. In fact, almost all seo tools are only able to see the value of a collection of indexed backlinks. Backlinks that are not indexed are invisible and something that is not visible is considered non-existent. So no matter how good the backlinks you have, if they are not indexed, they are useless.

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