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It Helps Her Accept Others to Be

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It Helps Her Accept Others to Be

Perfect the greeting. The third factor in first impressions is the handshake. To do it well, it has to be accompanied by: eye contact throughout the greeting, pronouncing an appropriate verbal greeting, a spontaneous smile, grabbing another person’s hand and giving it a firm shake, keeping a safe distance: neither too close nor too far, make sure your hand is warm, dry and smooth, apply medium force, do not hold the grip for more than two or three seconds.

The right words. The fourth factor


is vocabulary. Words are the facial expressions of the mind: they communicate attitude, personality, and point of view. Wrong words make the wrong impression, so pay attention to the following recommendations: use simple words, use Quality Directors Email Lists active voice, give a short message, use normal and unambiguous analogies.
Accept others.


To like them, others have to accept and,

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in order to be accepted, first accept them. It helps her accept others to be aware that: people are not binary, smart or dumb, valid or useless. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Everyone is better than us at something. People are more alike than different. People deserve a little attention.
Do not impose our values. There are few examples of people who impose their values ​​and manage to seduce others. Submission, in the case of achieving it, can only be maintained through brute force. On the contrary, the best sorcerers appreciate the different values ​​of people and use an inclusive model.
Earn their trust
Liking is half the battle of the new charmer. The other half is being trustworthy, because people may like someone, but not trust them enough for the spell to take place. People who do not trust others have often had bad experiences that have caused them to adopt a distrustful and “Let’s see who shoots first” attitude. But if you want people to trust you have to trust them.

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When people trust each other, they stop playing games, look past the issues at hand, and are less hesitant to come forward. Good wizards are nice, but great wizards are nice and trustworthy.

To inspire greater confidence, we must:

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