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If You Want the Spell to Last Others Must Also

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If You Want the Spell to Last Others Must Also

Book the art of captivating by guy kawasaki

Why captivate?
There are many proven ways to make money, but captivating is on a different level: when you captivate people, the goal is not to get money out of them or to get them to do what you want to do, but to fill them with great satisfaction. The trick is to imagine yourself as the person you want to captivate and ask them the following questions. If you don’t come up with reasonable answers, don’t expect the spell to work.

What does this person want?


We can’t blame anyone for wondering what our motivations are. That does not mean that you should not take advantage, but you have to reveal the motivation to build trust in the other.
Is it worth the change? The next step is to help the person you want to captivate understand how the cause is linked to what they want. The benefits of change must outweigh its costs and the advantages of staying the same.
I can change?
Enthrall does not serve to go out in a personal way to benefit us. On the Engineering Directors Email Lists contrary, if you want the spell to last, others must also benefit. In addition, a very clear line must be drawn where ethics ends


 This line would be passed if people are

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asked to do something that they would not do; if interests conflict; or if you are captivating naive people.

How to like them?
There are factors that contribute to it being good, such as:

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The magic of the smile. To smile, doing it costs nothing and not doing it can be expensive. The smile conveys a very clear message about the state of mind; its absence gives rise to many interpretations, including moodiness, aloofness, and anger, none of which help to captivate people.

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