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Spam Updates Improve Google’s System by

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Spam Updates Improve Google’s System by

2021 most recent spam update
In 2021, there were two spam updates in june. Both were completed within the day of the announcement.

second announcement

Also, in july 2021, the “link spam update” was implemented.


It is an update that focuses on the link part even in spam. The following links are considered violations.

Buying and selling links that transfer page rank
Excessive reciprocal links
Automated link generation
Unnatural links that include too many keywords, etc.
Reference: link program | google search central
Reference: the importance of communicating link Administration Directors Email Lists relationships and the latest information on link spam | google search central

What seo/marketers should do

Administration Directors Managers Email Lists

Spam updates improve google’s system by preventing spam sites from appearing in search results, so if you operate the site without spamming, there will be no negative impact.

However, if you have previously received manual penalties or have content or links that are subject to spam, you will need to monitor ranking fluctuations and create and operate your site according to our quality guidelines.

Also, even if you are not worrie about the site, there is a possibility that the ranking will rise as spam sites further removed from the search results, so it is good to pay particular attention to the ranking change in the last few weeks.

This time, november 4, 2021 google’s spam update has started. It will be complete within a week, so please keep track of your rankings while waiting for completion.

We also offer free seo diagnosis of 50 items. If you have any concerns or doubts such as whether there is a possibility of spam on a site operate by a corporate site or owned media, or whether seo measures are in place, please apply below.

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