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The Different Ways That Google Search

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The Different Ways That Google Search


Metrics and programs: a false security
A recent sixtrix article delves into why certain metrics obtained, such as: domain authority , authority score and domain rating , offer different calculation values ​​that differ significantly from each other, so can we make reliable decisions based on these data?

For example, domain authority (da) , developed by moz , displays a ranking score that predicts how likely a website is to rank in search engine results. Similarly, semrush with its composite authority score metric measures the overall quality of a domain. And so much of the same ahrefs , with its domain rating (dr) .

All three offer comparative magnitudes to evaluate a domain from the seo point of view , but when analyzing the authority of a certain domain through these tools,


it happens that they can create false values.


domains, the same authority ratios have been obtained for both domains with moz , semrush and ahrefs , when in reality, anyone who has delved into the subject of seo , you will know that these data are nonsense, since a link from the digg.Com domain wil

l not have the positive effect that a link from the rae.Es domain can have .

On the contrary, with a bit of bad luck, google can even rate such links negatively.

Another example of the same caliber occurs with the different ways that google search console has

of registering an impression, since some PR Directors Email Lists do not mean that a user has seen the web, they only

provide uncertain data. They can be taken into account, but doing a careful study, that is,

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understanding the data obtained without letting yourself be trapped by numbers that do not contribute to your strategy.

Marketing gurus sin by putting all their foc

Public Relation Directors Managers Email Lists


us on clicks, page views, number of sessions, wholesale traffic…. The holistic view, as a

whole, should be the way to evaluate the long-term growth of a website and, of course, using common sense.

Metrics that assess the authority of a link, how true?
What do we want to measure? To evaluate the seo value of a link, the da and pa

metrics can help us and for this, mayestic is the one that offers the most reliable values ​​based on its measurement criteria: citation flow (cf) and trust flow (tf) .

Citation flow measures the number of links to a page, while trust flow takes into

account the number of links from pages considered “Reliable” or quality.

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