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The Lexus Experience Goes Beyond Steel

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The Lexus Experience Goes Beyond Steel

Position ourselves. The final step in becoming liked and trusted is to coin a description of yourself or the organization. The description should explain what is done and why it exists. A good positioning statement should be short, clear, distinct (formulated in words that most people don’t use), and humble.
How to prepare?


Now that you have a handle on how


to like and gain trust, you can explore the cause (that is, the product, service, company, or idea) to discover what qualities you need to succeed. When you combine the vision, the way you bring it to life, and your stage presence, you can tell you have an enchanting cause. A cause is charming if it is:

Deep. It means we’ve anticipated what customers will need as they Australia Accountant Email Lists move down the technology curve (think of google as a one-stop source for online needs).
Intelligent. A smart cause solves people’s problems the smart way (ford’s my key system lets you limit speed, set maximum audio volume, warns when gas is low and sounds a chime when the speedometer reads 70, 80 and 100 km/h).


Complete. A complete cause offers a fantastic

Australia Accountant Email Lists

experience that includes service, support and a series of improvements. For example, the lexus experience goes beyond steel, leather, glass and rubber.
Facilitator. A “facilitating” cause makes it possible to do things better that were done before, and to do new things that could not be done before. This feeling of power and ease is why people love their mac and often think of it as an extension of who they are.
Handsome. An elegant cause means that someone has taken care of the contact and the user experience.
A deep, intelligent, complete, facilitating and elegant cause makes the process of captivating people much easier. However, it should be short, simple and digestible.

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