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This is Why Early Followers Are So

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This is Why Early Followers Are So

Get people involved. The next level to telling a story is to engage people in the breadth and depth of the soul of the cause. When captivated in this way, they lose track of time, put aside their cynicism and skepticism, and imagine a better way of doing things.
Encourage to try it. Storytelling and engagement are effective ways to get people to consider embracing the cause. The next step is the direct test, so that they can see it with their own eyes. To facilitate it, it must be ensured that it is easy, immediate, cost-free, specific and reversible.
Overcome resistance

Captivating people requires understanding


why people are reluctant to support the cause. There are five common sources of resistance to be encountered:

Inertia. Existing relationships, satisfaction with the status quo, laziness, and being busy make change difficult.
Hesitation in narrowing down options. Making a Hospital Mailing Lists decision results in a narrowing of options, and the prospect of this outcome frightens people.
Fear of being wrong. People may think that as long as they haven’t chosen, they haven’t made a mistake yet. The fear of knowing the result can make them reluctant to choose.
Lack of role models.


If you don’t have models, you don’t have a

Hospital Mailing Lists

behavior to imitate, so you hesitate to try a new cause. This is why early followers are so important.
Our cause sucks. It may be personally or the cause is a disaster. So people are right to be reticent. None of these factors is insurmountable, unless our cause is truly and permanently a disaster. Resistance to change is the norm, not the exception.
Offer social proof. Social proof is the idea that if others are doing it, it must be okay, good, state-of-the-art, even great. Thus, to be able to show people that others have already adopted the cause and convince them to also adopt it.
Create the perception of omnipresence. Social proof implies that if a lot of people are doing something, it must be okay or the right thing to do.

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