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Seo is a Countermeasure for Google’s

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Seo is a Countermeasure for Google’s

Search engine share in japan
In japan, two search engines, google and yahoo!, occupy a large share.
However, yahoo! Partnered with google in 2010 to use google’s search engine algorithms. Therefore, the results of searches on yahoo! And google are currently almost the same, and in fact, it can be said that google’s search algorithm occupies almost all of them.

Statcounter, which allows you to check


online trends, announces the share of the search engine market in japan from january 2020 to january 2021 as follows.

Search engine market share in japan
Google 74.59%
Yahoo! 19.36%
Bing 5.63%
Duckduckgo 0.18%
Baido (baidu) 0.13%
Reference: search engine market share japan | statcounter global statistics

Also, a search engine called bing has a few percent share, which is attributed to the default search engine for microsoft edge browsers.

In addition to google, yahoo!, and bing, there are many Sales Directors Email Lists other search engines around the world, such as baidu and duckduckgo, but in japan, google and yahoo! If you are going to take measures (seo), be sure to target google.

How search engines work

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Seo is a countermeasure for google’s search engine, so it is necessary to know how the search engine works. Therefore, the mechanism of the search engine is divided into three steps and summarized below.

Crawling (discovery of information)
First, google needs to recognize your newly created website or page.
For this, a program called a crawler crawls the web and acquires information. (this process is called “Crawling.”) when this crawler follows links on the web and comes to the created website or page, google will first recognize its existence. Therefore, having a crawler find it is the first step in seo measures. Furthermore, in order to obtain more accurate informat

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