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The Website Can Be Seen by Many Internet

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The Website Can Be Seen by Many Internet

Google adwords and seo are important factors so that the website can be seen by many internet users. Although google adwords and seo are more often known as types of web promotion media / internet marketing with different technicalities, they both have the same goal,


namely to increase website traffic.


Well, first let’s explain the meaning, benefits and differences between VP Audit Email Lists seo and google adwords first so that you understand better and can decide which is best for you to use.

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1 seo (search engine optimization)
1.1 seo goals
1.2 advantages of seo
1.2.1 1. Will have 24 hours free promotion machine
1.2.2 2. Unlimited income
1.3 lack of seo
1.3.1 1. Requires special attention
1.3.2 2. It took quite a long time
2 google adwords / ads
2.1 types of google adwords / ads
2.1.1 1. Ppm or pay per


million impressions system

VP of Audit Email Lists

2.1.2 2. Ppc or pay per click system
2.2 advantages of advertising on google adwords / ads
2.2.1 1. Fast ads in top position
2.2.2 2. Quick target achieved
2.2.3 3. Save your time
2.3 disadvantages of google adwords / ads
2.3.1 1. Requires a fairly large fee
2.3.2 2. Ad management must be right
2.3.3 3. Ads don’t last forever
2.3.4 important!
3 in conclusion
3.0.1 – first
3.0.2 – second
3.1 suffix
3.1.1 about idwebhost
Seo (search engine optimization)
Seo secrets 2019
Seo is a series of processes that are carried out systematically by seo experts / web masters that aim to increase the amount of traffic and quality of content on a website and to get the best position so that it can occupy the first page of google search engine results or other search engines.

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