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The Pros and Cons Between Site Owners

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The Pros and Cons Between Site Owners

Note: these tips can only be done with the help of seo tools that can quickly check backlinks such as semrush and ahrefs.

The way to do this is by looking at a list of backlinks from websites that are in the top position for the keywords you want to optimize. Look for non-authority websites created by the same people as you. If you have found it, you check all the backlinks in the website email and start studying the sources. You will be surprised by the good backlinks that can be a useful reference for our website.

From here, you can start making contact with websites that


provide backlinks so that they can also provide you with some of the Partners Email Lists same backlinks, either for free or paid. In principle, if they can provide backlinks to your competitors, then they can also provide backlinks to you.

Another option is to look for other sites that are similar to sites that provide backlinks to your competitors through search for related sites which can also be done easily using seo tools. Find better ones, contact them, then get backlinks, we guarantee you can beat your competitors more easily.

5. The link priority

Partners Email Lists

The last seo link building. The pros and cons between site owners regarding which links are better for seo have

been around for a long time. Each has its own preferences or tastes. Likewise us, of course we will provide a priority list based on our opinion that fits the main theme, namely those that are not quickly eaten or out of date. For this reason, the links from the fairly popular .Edu and .Gov websites were not included in the priority list. Likewise with

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high authority profiles, press releases, wiki paul angela and article directories.

Link building seo
Of course many have used the above model links, previously in order to experiment. But in order to see the results that are not as expected, it has

been a long time since we used it. If still, we put everything as backlinks in tier 2.

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