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The Suspension of Amp Preferential

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The Suspension of Amp Preferential

Change the conditions of the top story
Until now, amp support was a prerequisite for posting top news, but with the page experience update, amp support is no longer a requirement. Also, the core web vitals scores descri above are not relevant.

Yahoo! News that does not support amp is displa in the top news frame
The sp version of top news searc on july 13, 2021
Yahoo! News that does not support amp is displa in the top news frame.

The only condition to be publis in the top


news is that it meets the content policy of google news. A similar update is happening in the google news app.

The page experience update announ that “top stories will start using this new signal by thursday,” so we can assume that the change has already been comple.

Abolition of amp badge

Amp badge

The amp badge that has been attach so far. Click here for details on amp
[amp] what is amp promot by google? Summary and response method summary

Instead, a different badge is being consider for pages Purchasing Directors Email Lists with a good page experience. Those with a diamond mark are reported as tests.

Other changes

In addition to the above, the update includes

Purchasing Directors Managers Email Lists

the suspension of amp preferential treatment in google news and the support of signed exchange (sxg) for all content.

For more information, please see the official google blog below.
When will the page experience arrive in google search (details what’s included in the update) | google search central

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In addition, below are some frequently asked questions about the page experience.
Core web vitals & page experience faqs (updated: march 2021) | searchconsole help

>>if you have any questions or concerns regarding page experience or seo, please contact us here.
About search console reports
As the page experience update takes place, a report that visualizes the state of the page experience has been added to the search console.

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