Behavior of the new online consumer

ROI and ROAS: Variables faced in Digital Bahrain Phone Number List Mail Marketing: Great ally of small businesses For companies, it is key to know consumer behavior, as that is how better decisions are made.The behavior of the user who buys is key in several issues: online and offline marketing and sales strategies. You cannot read the minds of users, but you can learn from them based on their attitude online.Most of the big brands conduct annual consumer behavior studies, which means that what they do can be applied in the small or medium-sized business.Because trends are local, they are the same.To discover the actions of users online it is necessary to take into account certain metrics:The most viewed pages.Duration of the user’s visit.User bounce percentage. (Single page sessions, that is, sessions in which the user has left your site on the entry page without interacting with it)Most selled products.The contents of the site with the most visits.Where the most clicks are made.Paypal, an American e-commerce company, conducted a study of Internet adults in Latin America, generating these results:

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54% of users have bought on international websites 39% of users make purchases in the United States, 30% in Asia, 16% in Europe, 10% in Central America and Latin America, 2% in the Middle East and 1% in Africa.According to surveys, 81% buy internationally because they find better prices. Bahrain Phone Number List say they have access to items not available in their country, 72% say they discover new and interesting products, while 68% choose because of the greater variety, styles and availability of products.51% of international buyers have made purchases through their Smartphones.Online consumers among the products that consume the most are: 48% clothing, shoes and accessories; 40% electronic items, 45% digital entertainment and education; 30% toys or hobbies; 27% travel and transportation.The industry has been transformed for some time and will continue to do so based on the fact that brands are undertaking to carry out the sale of products through digital media.Users are digitally globalized, analyzing information before purchasing a product or service, looking for unique and entertaining experiences during the purchase process.

Social video: the protagonist of social networks of 2016

Celebrity Endorsement, the new online advertising Cyber ​​Monday Chile 2015: 30% increase in electronic commerce.Video consumption has grown dramatically in recent years. In this sense, brands must begin to invest more every day in this format through advertising.YouTube is the main responsible for this, generating 200% more purchases of this type of social Bahamas Phone Number List. Companies of all sizes increasingly trust this social platform to reach their target audience, since 90% of Internet users watch videos online.In this sense, brands are prioritizing YouTube ads that give the viewer options, either by skipping the pre-roll ads after 5 seconds, choosing the ad they want to see or appearing on the display for related videos, that is, formats that allow the advertiser to pay only when the consumer has taken an action and interacted with the spot.

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On the other hand, YouTube is in full test of ads with purchase buttons, that is, you can click to buy the advertiser’s products. This is because 60% of consumers are open to the idea of ​​social commerce.Another video innovation is Periscope, which is all the rage today as brands are experimenting with live video. This platform acquired by Twitter this year, allows anyone to watch an event live through a mobile phone, while spectators can participate by sending drawings of hearts and writing comments that scroll across the screen for everyone to see.Today Periscope already has 10 million users.Adults consume an average of 5.5 hours of video per day and it is expected that in 2017 74% of mobile traffic will come from videos.Is your company at the forefront with video marketing on Social Bahamas Phone Number List?

Celebrity Endorsement, the new online advertising

Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers or emotion marketing Social video: the protagonist of social networks of 2016 The advancement of social networks and therefore new ways of generating efficient advertising has made it increasingly common for celebrities to advertise trademarks.
The “endorsement” is carried out when a celebrity or public figure makes use of its great popularity in social networks, in order to recommend a specific product or service and thus be able to influence the public to consume that brand.In Chile, for example, there are several retail brands that work with television characters or artists to encourage the approach and purchase process of customers through them. This is the case of Ripley, where three women with great television careers and many followers on social networks are the face of this multinational store. That throughout its advertising career it has kept these faces due to the fact that they create great rapprochement with consumers and are influencers. Digital advertising is the fastest growing medium and is expected to increase by 17.1% in 2016 and Endorsement is the online advertising method that more and more companies are acquiring.

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As in any advertising strategy, it is necessary to carry out certain analyzes to know which is the most appropriate for the brand.The greatest benefit that the brand can obtain is that it is easily remembered, but we also know that using this type of resource may overshadow the brand, which is why it is very important to carefully choose the “celebrity” that the advertising will represent. Of the brand.The communicational context, the characteristics of the Azerbaijan Phone Number List and / or product, the associated costs and the available alternatives must be considered. The characteristics of the celebrities will have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the endorsement. Characteristics such as reliability, attractiveness and expertise are key to obtaining better results in the endorsement process.In this sense, Influencer Marketing shows that the use of characters and experts in online communities and digital agencies is once again the most used strategy in internet campaigns.

Neuromarketing or emotion marketing

The importance of adapting the design to different mobile devices Celebrity Endorsement, the new online advertising Internet technologies are constantly evolving and therefore many companies realize that in order to reach consumers more effectively, they must connect their emotions through feelings by taking actions, since only in this way can receive positive feedback on the product or brand.This is emotional or emotions Austria Phone Number List, where techniques are used to reach the consumer through a story, where the brand takes a back seat and emotions are the main character.As a result of this evolution, neuromarketing was born, a science that investigates and studies how the brain behaves in a purchasing process. Namely,The main objective of this science is to study how the customer’s brain reacts to an advertising campaign for a product or brand.

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There are some types of neuromarketing such as visual, auditory and kinesthetic. The first focuses on how we perceive everything before our eyes. The auditory is based on what we hear. That is why music in a local can influence a consumer decision and finally, kinesthetic neuromarketing refers to what we perceive by touch, taste and smell. In supermarkets it is common for them to have the characteristic smell of freshly baked bread as a way to attract the customer.Most of our purchasing decisions are made unconsciously. According to experts, 85% of the decision process is subconscious and only 15% conscious, so knowing what the consumer is not able to verbalize is decisive to optimize the advertising message.A patent example of Austria Phone Number List is supermarkets, it is one of the sales points where it is most used, from the order of the aisles, the products and the size of the cars have to do with positive actions that the brain commands.And you, are you applying this technology to your brand?

The importance of adapting the design to different mobile devices

The 10 errors of SMEs in Social Armenia Cell Phone Numbers Neuromarketing or emotion marketing The current reality is multiscreen and we surf the Internet on the tablet while we watch a series on the Smart TV, we use the smartphone to chat while we work on the computer, we have the TV in the background while we search for information on the cell phone and so on.This was revealed by a recent Adobe survey on digital content consumption: Consumers use up to five different devices in their daily lives, and 83% of them use 2.23 devices at the same time. Most feel good about the multiscreen phenomenon, either because they entertain themselves better (81% consider it that way), because they feel connected (80%) or because they are more productive (76%), but close to half ( 47%) acknowledge that it distracts them.Something undeniable is that our attention span decreases year after year, and that the design of online content must adapt to this situation. According to those surveyed, the correct display of content is the most important aspect (for 65%) related to the content consumption experience, although an attractive design is also essential for 54%.Especially since Internet users are increasingly demanding: 9 out of 10 users would stop seeing content that does not meet their expectations of quality, length and format. 79% would abandon content that does not adapt well to the device they are viewing it on and 67% would do the same if the content is too long.

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The report investigates consumer expectations regarding the content they consume online, and from there elaborates a series of recommendations to achieve maximum engagement. The first is to take multiscreen reality into account when designing content. The sense of humor is another factor to take into account: 7 out of 10 consumers consider that humor makes companies closer, although only 14% see the content created by companies as entertaining.Authenticity is also essential to develop content that really achieves the involvement and interaction of the recipient, since consumers are more likely to interact with content that seems to be trustworthy, although today, most are skeptical: 50% usually wonder if the negative Armenia Phone Number List will have been eliminated, 49% if the author will have received an incentive to write a positive review, and 48% if the information will be biased.Finally, the study emphasizes the importance of being transparent with the consumer. It is true that the majority value predictive recommendations, with 73% willing to share information about themselves and 71% open to receiving predictive recommendations based on their previous buying behavior.40% believe that companies could do more to alleviate their concerns about data privacy and 25% believe that if they asked permission to access their data they would feel more comfortable sharing the information.Zebra Agency within its technological processes is concerned with being at the forefront and all its processes are developed to generate the highest customer satisfaction. This is why we integrate the multiscreen in all our platforms to generate greater interest in the user.

Advertising Investment for 2016

What is Growth Driven Design or how did web design change?The benefit of Digital Argentina Phone Number List for SMEs Advertising investment is expected to grow by 5.4% in 2016, according to studies carried out by Magna Global in the field of advertising investment in TV and digital in Latin America and the world.In the global scenario, the most dynamic region was Asia Pacific with a 6.5% increase in its investment. It is followed by Latin America, with 3.8% and Western Europe, with 2.9%. In the last steps are the United States, which continues a process of deceleration since it achieved only 2% growth; and in the last place Central and Western Europe, with a decrease of -3% in investment.Within the Latin American region, Brazil –despite its current difficult economic partner- had a modest growth of 4.4% during 2015 and remains the leader in advertising revenues in the region, representing 44% of the total. Within this country, television and graphics are the main media, with 46% and 29% of the market share respectively, while digital represents only 17%. For next year, the report predicts a slight growth of 5% from the hand of advertising on pay TV and digital media with the great event of the year: the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Mexico ranks second at the regional level in terms of investments. The Aztec country had a recession compared to the strong monetary injection it made last year for the Soccer World Cup and that is why in 2015 it registered a growth of 0.3%. Powered by the Copa América Centenario and the budget increase in digital platforms (28%) for 2016, Mexico estimates to climb up to a 5.6% increase in advertising investments. Behind appears Argentina, number three at the regional level, which represents 15% of the total investment in Latam. During 2015 it achieved a growth of 32% driven by the election period and an inflationary scenario. For next year, this country will have to invest in digital media, since investment in this medium fell three figures until it barely covered 17% of the market share.

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Colombia is behind, the country that has been maintaining sustained growth of 7% since 2009 and that will close the current year with an improvement of 7.7%. Although it already has a mature and competitive advertising Argentina Phone Number List, it should continue to grow in digital investment, since it barely represents 3% of its advertising investment.Another country that had a decrease during 2015 was Peru. The Inca country registered a 2.1% decrease in its advertising investment due to the depreciation of its currency and an economic slowdown. But next year presents a favorable scenario, mainly boosted by the presidential elections that it will experience and it is estimated that it will reach a growth of 4.3%.Ad spend fell by -0.7% in 2015, and will barely show positive signs in 2016 with growth below + 1%. The economy has slowed due to low demand, lower prices for basic products and the depreciation of the local currency. The Copa América organized (and won) by Chile mitigated the slowdown in advertising investment for the year. While TV is the main medium in Chile, it still has one of the lowest shares in the region, a 46% share. Pay TV has grown steadily, but this increase in share compared to Broadcast TV is extremely low and is not expected to have significant growth. Gráfica has proven to be resilient in Chile, representing the second largest media share (24.1%) behind TV and being notably above the regional share. While digital has double-digit growth, the size of the digital market is still small, but growing rapidly as more and more people have Internet access at home.In conclusion, this study shows that you have to be alert and ready for changes. Brands must have a good communicational performance to deal with times of crisis and be up to date with technologies.

SMEs and Social Networks: how the opinion of the RRSS influences your brand.

What is the rise of the visual in Social Algeria Phone Number List due to?Neuro marketing or emotion marketing Social media note made by Diario Pyme of the newspaper Publimetro for Mikan sushi of Agencia Cebra. How social networks influenced brand opinion The greater accessibility to the internet and the massive use of mobile devices in Chile have led to a flourishing participation of companies in social networks as a platform for the dissemination of their services and to achieve long-term loyalty with their public. Mikan Sushi is a clear example of these companies. Carola Hormazábal, one of the owners of this restaurant located on Avenida Portugal, highlights the capacity that digital media have had to strengthen the relationship of the place with its customers, especially with those who are big fans of Mikan “and they continuously support them with their comments. ”, As well as to reach the public that their traditional advertising methods do not allow to reach. “You manage to connect with those people who did not pass by outside your store or who never received one of your triptychs, but who did see a publication of you on Facebook,” he explains.Clearly, the advantages of these digital platforms are numerous. However, new demands are presented for those who are already on the internet and want to keep the interest of their virtual audience alive. And it is that to the continuous updating of contents, a demanding client is added whose opinion must be considered to define the offer that is to be delivered. It is the new communication 3.0 aimed at delivering a personalized treatment for each client.

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“Your brand is made by your users,” says Ítalo Pruzzo, Director of Digital Marketing for Cebra , a digital agency dedicated to empowering SMEs in the cyber world. “Today loyalty with your customers is built through a direct conversation with them. It is their opinion that commands and the one that will make your brand sell itself if you manage to connect with them ”, indicates the expert who also calls on entrepreneurs to start working on their digital identity with the support of professional advice. Other recommendations delivered by Zebra for social networks also include:Audiovisual content: use of video capsules to replace traditional graphic Algeria Phone Number List.Tailor-made service: definition of publication schedules according to each audience.Strategy: keep monthly metrics of the website or platform used, in order to optimize the results of campaigns and actions applied.Along with supporting these initiatives, Carola Hormazábal from Mikan Sushi also emphasizes the responsibilities that those who are considering digital platforms to promote their businesses must accept. “We now have a public record of congratulations and recommendations for our restaurant, but the same goes for negative comments. It is part of the two sides that this new communication has. However, we appreciate it because it allows us to improve and serve our customers in a better way ”.

The 10 errors of SMEs in Social Networks

Content marketing rules change and extension is rewarded The importance of adapting the design to different mobile devices Forbes magazine specialized in the world of business and finance, published in the United States, has compiled the social media mistakes most made by small businesses when launching their strategies on social media.Here we list them.1. Overarching Building a good social media presence takes a lot of time and effort. It requires an ongoing commitment to communicate with users and spark their attention to stand out from the crowd.For this reason, you should not try to cover too much from the beginning. Remember that we are facing a career in which you have to go step by step.2. Little differentiating strategy Generally, users use several social networks and if they find the same content launched in all the channels in which your company is present, they will lose all interest.You have to have a strategy adapted to each of the platforms since users look for different things in each of them.3. Do not respond to comments Social Albania Phone Number List offer us a good channel of communication with the client when it comes to listening to their questions or complaints. It is a big mistake not to respond to messages or comments, as they will perceive a lack of interest and a dehumanized brand.Take time to answer everything that users have to tell you as these platforms are positioned as forums in which opinions run at the speed of light. Also, remember that traditional advertising is losing steam and users increasingly trust the recommendations of family, friends and even other users.4. Check the message In social networks, two of the things that are valued the most are authenticity and transparency. You have to personalize your messages and offer a differentiating factor, that the user notices that there is closeness and that behind your brand there is a human team.

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5. Reciprocity“Give to receive”. This is the philosophy to achieve success on social media. A strategy that requires a generous spirit, so companies must bet on offering useful content that really adds value to users.6. The big mistake of selling One of the reasons people go to social media is because they run away from pages that bombard them with advertising. Users of platforms such as Twitter or Facebook do not like to be sold aggressively, so the best option to generate sales through these channels is to establish solid relationships.7. Not being able to sell enough Launching a social media strategy without the intention of selling is absurd since it is equivalent to not having any kind of strategy. Social networks are a tool to achieve credibility and generate brand awareness but you have to convert these into sales.8. Do not take advantage of their knowledge Small businesses typically have first-hand knowledge of the products and services they offer. Why not take advantage of the dissemination of this on social Albania Phone Number List to attract the attention of potential customers? This is one of the great advantages your business has compared to large competitors.9. Don’t use metrics Many small businesses have been on social media for years but have no idea what the results of their campaigns have been. What good is this then? It is necessary that you work with metrics with which you can obtain a report of each and every one of the steps taken by your strategy in social networks. Otherwise, you will never be able to know what is working and what is not.10. Getting too illusions Social media is very tempting for small businesses as financial barriers to entry are free. But don’t be fooled. Generating brand image, credibility or increasing users is a job that requires time and effort.

An alliance between Zebra and Nicolás Larraín

An alliance between Zebra and Nicolás Larraín Share this article Previous article Satisfied customers!Next article Zebra Agency participates in Banco de Chile initiative Chilean television host, radio host and Afghanistan Phone Number List  Nicolás Larraín was at the offices of Agencia Cebra sealing a working alliance that begins this month.

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Nicolás will take from Zebra the knowledge of Digital Marketing, and the herd will be nourished by the extensive experience that this well-known figure Afghanistan Phone Number List in advertising and in the world of communication media.This strategic alliance is the beginning of joint projects that include the development of a new website for Nicolás, mainly focused on his highly requested talks on Innovation and Motivation.Welcome to the pack, Nicolas!

What is the rise of the visual in Social Networks due to?

What is the rise of the visual in Social Networks due to?Supporting Chilean business women! SMEs and Social Networks: how the opinion of the RRSS influences your brand.An image is worth a thousand words, that is why social Turkey Phone Number List based on sharing images and especially videos, have been so successful.Although the use of social networks by older people has increased considerably in recent years, young people are still the ones who spend the most time on them, and for this reason there is a significant growth of increasingly visual platforms.Networks such as Snapchat, Periscope, Vine and Instagram (with the possibility of publishing videos and images), were shown in their distant beginnings to the Latin American user, who seemed to bet more on the oldest and traditional platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. But in recent years this trend has changed.What happened?

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The possibility of publishing daily and very informal videos in practically real time, conquered the youngest segment of Latin American users: people between 13 and 25 years old are assiduous to consume and produce this type of content.Among the range of Turkey Phone Number List of this type that has proliferated in recent times, the most popular is Snapchat, because in addition to the attractiveness that it means for young people to publish videos and photos of what they are doing at the moment in real time and quickly, their character ephemeral is the highlight.Deciding with whom to share the video, and that it disappears in the time that you decide is a plus that the rest of the RRSS does not have.In addition, Snapchat also has a built-in chat that allows you to send text messages at no cost.