10 years of Academy: The best Online Marketing trainings are back!

We are very excited about this new: Come back Doppler Academy ! We renew the proposal of this virtual learning platform that is no less than 10 years old. Our birthday wish? Let more people join and learn about Online Marketing! Throughout these ten editions we have organized more than 400 Webinars dictated by Digital Costa Rica B2B List leaders from around the world, and we have had more than 80,000 registered. As you can see, an uninterrupted decade of virtual training supports us! With great satisfaction, year after year we verify that Doppler Academy is one of the most popular and installed training cycles in the Spanish language.Already last year some trends in Online Marketing were glimpsed that in 2018 are a reality. That is why we put together our Training Calendar focusing on these relevant topics to face successful businesses in the digital world.

There are two features that characterize the Academy, and that is that the trainings we provide are ONLINE and FREE : they are developed 100% through a virtual platform, where you can follow the conference and interact with the exhibitor … and all at zero cost!Anyone can participate in the Doppler Academy: if you are a digital entrepreneur and have your business or eCommerce, or if you are simply an Online Marketing enthusiast and want to deepen knowledge and trends in the sector, these conferences are for you!And there is something else: on the Academy Site you can also see trainings from previous years . We believe that the proposal of our academy is further enriched with the possibility of accessing past conferences. As you will notice, the opportunity is twofold: you can sign up now for the Webinars, Tutorials and Seminars that will be held this year, or relive previous cycles if you find topics of interest to you. Doppler Academy offers you three types of training We divide them into


Webinars, Seminars and Tutorials according to the objective they pursue and the person who provides them:The Webinars are reserved for influencers , that is, recognized professionals in the field of Digital Marketing and regular speakers on certain topics.The Seminars are dictated by Doppler Partners , our specialists and allies in the dynamic world of Marketing, who accompany us in our daily work Finally, the Tutorials are in charge of different people from the Doppler Customer Service and Support Team, who have the mission of showing you step by step the use of the tool and helping you get the most out of it. Costa Rica B2B List Tips for eCommerce , myths and truths of SEO , Copy writing , Podcasting , Email Automation … these are just some of the topics we have prepared for this new cycle. Apply now and reserve your place! Closer to the training date, we will remind you that you have an appointment with the specialists of Doppler Academy 2018 😉 And as always, we will be rewarding your participation with more than interesting gifts.

New Templates for your Christmas Email Campaigns

Christmas tree, ready. Ornaments, set. And your Email pieces? If you are one of those who have not planned their strategy yet, our Templates have come to rescue you . Get to know them!The end of the year festivities generate a very special climate. People never tire of celebrating with friends, family and co-workers the end of a year and the welcome of a new one. The Christmas spirit awakens the need to reunite with loved ones and to… shop!It is there where your Email Belize B2B List Campaigns should come into action offering unbeatable promotions and gifts that none of your Subscribers will be able to reject. But be careful! Because just as Christmas is considered one of the best dates to sell , it is also one of the times of greatest competition.Then comes the dreaded question: how do you stand out? We will take care of that. We make fabulous free and 100% customizable Christmas Templates so you can create and send your Campaigns in a matter of minutes. Impact your contacts and close more sales!How to create surprising Christmas Campaigns When designing them, our team of experts began to think about all the elements that a piece should have to be hyper effective . After a lot of discussion, we developed the perfect structure for an Email Campaign that evokes the Christmas spirit and, at the same time, generates conversions. We present you its main components!1 – A clear objective As always, the first step is to define what you want to achieve with your piece , since its content and design will depend on this. Are you looking to greet your Subscribers, invite them to know a special action that you have prepared or make them buy one of your products? Well, whatever your goal is, you can achieve it with our Pre-Designed Christmas Templates . We have for all tastes!

2 – Christmas design The key to the success of your pieces will be to evoke the festivities by making use of the most representative elements of the time: red and white, the image of Santa Claus, reindeer, gifts, Christmas decorations, etc. Do you think it is not very original to use this type of element? That is, if you do not have the creative capacity of our designers. They have gone to great lengths to develop completely novel illustrations that will blow your mind away. Using these types of images will allow you to appeal to the emotional, generating positive feelings in your Subscribers that can favor the purchase. Remind them of the magic of Christmas!3 – Brand presence One of the aspects that cannot be missing in your Campaign is your company logo, since it is key for your contacts to quickly identify your brand. The ideal is to associate your brand with Christmas . To do this, you could think of a redesign of your logo including a Christmas motif such as a Santa Claus hat. How about?4 – Striking Calls To Action If you want your Subscribers to take a certain action, you must use the famous Calls to Action . These are phrases or buttons that invite users to click and that are essential in the case of Promotional Email Campaigns where what is sought is to generate conversions, either to bring traffic to a Landing Page, to your Online Store , your Website or your profiles on Social Networks.5 – Responsive Design Using Email Campaigns adaptable to any type of device is no longer an option, especially since most Subscribers open their emails from their smartphones and tablets.Would you allow that some of your contacts could not take advantage of your Christmas promotions just for the fact of not being able to view your Emails?


Of course not! For this reason, we take care of designing Responsive Templates so that your Campaigns are all terrain.6 – Social Media Buttons The holidays are special moments to viralize your promotions and greetings by sending Social Campaigns . People will be checking their walls and timelines to detect offers to take advantage of when buying gifts. You can even create exclusive discounts for your fans and followers and use your Christmas mailings to drive traffic to your Social Media profiles.7 – Unmissable offers If you want to achieve a true impact on your Subscribers, you should also think of a differential proposal , something that completely surprises them. Some good options for your Christmas Belize Business Email List can be: significant discounts on all the products in your store or on one in particular, 2 × 1, gifts, a greeting video, a Christmas-themed game, or a contest or raffle associated with a powerful prize.Because your Christmas Emails can have different objectives, we prepare a wide variety of Template formats: promotional, gift and greeting so that your job is only to personalize them with your logo and content. Isn’t it fantastic? Your Campaigns will be ready to send in minutes!Don’t waste any more time to send your Email Campaigns Every day you miss represents one less chance to increase your sales during the holidays. Keep in mind that 38% of Christmas shopping begins in November and that 70% of people willing to buy are active up to three months before the big event. So if your Subscribers do it before you send your Email Campaigns, you will have lost a huge possibility of sale.So what are you waiting to get started? You are still on time! Create a free account with unlimited shipping and choose the Template that best suits your needs. Check its efficiency yourself .

How to achieve a box office success thanks to Email Marketing

The Email Campaigns can become the differentiating factor of your film production. Hurry to read this post and get some interesting ideas. Run Forrest!Film directors work months, even years to make a movie. But once it’s done, the hardest job begins: attracting people to its premiere or getting them to promote it to their friends and family. Will it be an impossible mission? Of course not!Today is your lucky day, because you will learn how to take advantage of the technique with greater effectiveness and better ROI in the online world. Ready to turn your movies into a box office record?5 Email Barbados B2B List Tips for the Film Industry Although there are several examples of blockbusters that have been developed thanks to Marketing 2.0 campaigns , even today most films are released in the old way: broadcasting their trailer on television and movie theaters, placing posters on public roads during the last week before the premiere and creating a web page for the film.However, Online Marketing can support movies that may not have enough budget to compete against the big Hollywood productions. Will Email Marketing be able to turn completely unknown footage into the passion of the crowds ? Try it for yourself!1: Develop Your Database The first step you must take is to build a correctly segmented Contact List. There are infinite ways to capture leads and here we will give you some ideas. Take note!Include a Subscription Form on your Website and on a Tab of your Fan Page .Take some specific action in movie theaters that you can take advantage of to collect email addresses from viewers.Create a Landing Page with your movie trailer and share it on social networks. You can add a Form in it for those who want to receive your news and information about your upcoming releases.It offers courses and training on audiovisual production or related topics.

2: Viralize your premiere promotion If you want to make movie theaters explode with attendees, you will need to enlist the help of social media. There are countless examples of films that have used the potential of these platforms to sow intrigue in moviegoers and call them to premieres.This was the case of « Paranormal Activity «, the lowest budget film in history, achieved a great call and expectation thanks to the viralization of a video that was filmed while the spectators watched the terrifying film. Get scared too!Can you imagine the impact you could achieve if you sent the advance of your film or its backstage in an Email Campaign? To do this, it would be a good idea to create Lists segmented by target audiences such as:Viewers divided by gender of interest, by frequency with which they attend the cinema, composition of their family group, etc.Remember! The more information you have about your target, the more personalized your shipments will be and, therefore, much more effective. And if you want to get even better results, you can try creating Social Campaigns and make your messages go viral with the speed of a ” Fast and Furious ” car. 3: Generate engagement with the help of Gamification
You would be surprised how many production companies decide to promote their film through a game or contest . This is one of the best ways to reach your audience with an engaging and highly viral action. After all, who doesn’t like to have fun and win prizes while doing it? If you can’t think of an original strategy to publicize your filming using Gamification , this example from the ” Mad Men ” series will surely inspire you.In co-branding with the Banana Republic clothing store, a contest was generated for the promotion of the fourth season. Users had to pick up a style guide from stores and enter a printed code on a website. In this, users had to post photos dressed in retro style from the 70s, as the characters of the series are looked.The 10 most voted men and women were evaluated by the creator of the series: Matthew Weiner , who would choose the winner. What was the prize? Nothing more, nothing less than participation in the series during 2011 and a purchase order for $ 1,000.Once you have planned and launched your Gamification action, the next step will be to promote it to attract as many participants as possible, and this is where Email Marketing comes into play . Send a Campaign to invite your contacts to participate in your game, contest or giveaway. They will love knowing that you take them into account and that will help you increase the number of participants.


4: Drive traffic to your film’s microsite Many blockbusters have their own Websites where they share images, previews, interviews with the actors and even have forums where fans can leave their comments, criticisms and suggestions.That was the case with the movie « Avatar «. The expectation that its director James Cameron was creating gave rise to a forera community on the Internet that was spreading to social networks where the wait for the premiere became unbearable. A microsite was created on the YouTube home to launch the trailer. This action got 23% of users to interact with the video . Then the question comes: how to bring visits to that microsite so that viewers are aware of the latest news about your film? Easy! By sending them Email Marketing Campaigns that invite them to meet you. 5 Boost your offline actions A great way to spark audience interest is by using Guerrilla Marketing . It is proven that taking shocking or unexpected actions promotes the viralization of a concept through word of mouth or social networks. The cases of films that have used this technique to summon people to their premiere are known.We have as an example the launch of the film ” The Curse of Chucky ” for which a Street Barbados Business Email List action was carried out where a terrifying doll scared people on the street. It should be clarified that all this was filmed by hidden cameras and the videos went viral on the networks before the premiere. Do not miss it!If you carry out an action of this type, it is key that you look for different ways to make it known to achieve the greatest possible reach. And that, you can do it by sending your videos in Email Campaigns . According to Forrester studies , the Open Rate rises between 100% and 300% when including them in Emails. Thats not all! They also indicate a 41% increase in engagement (either by sharing or forwarding the piece) and a 44% longer stay time.Check the benefits of Email Marketing With the advice that we have given you in this post, you will not be able to fail! Fill movie theaters and turn viewers into movie fans with the power of Email Campaigns. Create a free account , without limit of shipments in Doppler and put these tips into practice. Goodbye, baby!

Online Marketing Predictions for 2016

Wouldn’t you like to have a time machine to find out what will happen in the future? We present you the trends to come so that you can anticipate events. The best way to anticipate changes and optimize your Marketing efforts is to be aware of the latest news. We are not tarot readers or fortune-tellers, but we know the sector and we hope you can plan your strategy for next year in the most efficient way.What will happen to Online Advertising ? What will be the key factors for search engine positioning? What does Mobile Marketing hold for you? What should you take into account for your Email Marketing Campaigns ? Enough questions! The time for answers has come …You must opt ​​for video ads
That Video Trinidad and Tobago B2B Contact List is one of the most used techniques today and one of the most effective, is nothing new. What is news is that advertisements will begin to use this format more frequently. That’s right, the golden age of video in Advertising is coming .Investment is growing by leaps and bounds as is the interest of companies in this strategy. This has to do with two specific events. Firstly, the fact that Google has incorporated video ads to its search results and secondly, the greater receptivity of users to these types of messages.Being this search engine the owner of YouTube , the possibilities are endless. You should already be thinking about including a film director in the planning of your advertising actions. Do not you believe it?Get ready to pay more for your ads Competition in the world of Online Marketing has increased enormously in recent years and in 2016 it will be even greater.If you are clear about the basic laws of economics, you will know that an increase in demand is usually accompanied by an increase in price, so that new competitors will do nothing but increase the costs of Advertising .

Due to that factor, you will need to carefully plan your strategy to invest your money efficiently. Analyze different scenarios and ad formats to optimize your efforts and achieve better results. Squeeze your creativity!Keep betting on Content Marketing Yes, content will remain king. The trend will be to generate brand stories that connect with your customers through emotions and experiences . Adding value through interesting and attractive materials will continue to be the norm.As in Advertising, video will become the format par excellence due to its ability to capture the attention of users and generate sales. Did you know that according to a Forbes study , 65% of people go directly to the brand’s website after watching their video?On the other hand, social networks will be one of the most important channels for the propagation and promotion of content due to its instantaneousness and immediacy when it comes to obtaining interactions with the public and generating engagement. 2016 will be a year in which mobile applications will spread rapidly due to a significant investment by companies that have already found a business beta in this sector.The exponential growth of the use of smartphones and the fact that Google has begun to index the apps, will cause a greater visibility for them. More and more companies will want to develop their own mobile applications to get closer to their target audience and achieve things that they cannot do using another medium or channel.You will begin to experiment with virtual reality Virtual reality is an environment of scenes or objects of real appearance, generated by computer technology that creates in the user the sensation of being immersed in it. Its use has spread to different fields such as video games, medicine and flight simulations.In 2016 it will be the launch of Oculus Rift , the device created by Facebook to experience virtual realities. Thanks to it you can play games, watch movies, visit places anywhere in the world or just hang out. This would be just the beginning of its use. Can you imagine what uses it could be given in the world of Online Marketing?


Success will be in the Mobile world As you may have realized, many of the trends to come will be linked to the mobile sector. Although 2015 has been a year of great growth, 2016 will be one of consolidation.Taking into account the growth in the use of these devices worldwide, companies are leaning towards the responsive design of their Websites and implementing different strategies to bring traffic to them from Mobile. In fact, according to Forbes, 87% of connected devices in the coming months will be tablets and mobiles. These data lead to an estimate that investment in Mobile Marketing will grow by around 30% in 2016, representing 42% of the general online budget.[Bonus Track] What’s Next in Email Marketing How could it be otherwise, we tell you the latest trends in the world of Email Marketing . What do you have to know to build a successful strategy? Keep reading!The rage of Email Automation
More and more companies are launching into the fascinating world of Automated Email Campaigns . These allow you to schedule a series of shipments on special dates such as your customers’ birthdays or the expiration of an invoice.At Doppler , we already have this functionality. You can create your Campaigns for a day of the week, of the month or of the year. You can do the same to receive each of the contacts that are added to your Lists , using Subscription Email Automation . Don’t worry about these shipments and increase your conversions exponentially!The importance of Responsive design
As you have seen throughout this post, the use of mobile phones has spread throughout the world. In fact, IDC Research reports claim that 80% of smartphone users check their devices within 15 minutes of waking up each morning, and 79% have them with them 22 hours a day.There are more statistics that will interest you! The use of telephones to read email doubled between 2009 and 2013, and between 2011 and 2014, a 180% growth was reported in the use of this channel.

Added to this, Google announced that 75% of its 900 million Gmail users access their accounts from a mobile device. That’s a total of 675 million potential customers.However, there are still many companies that do not optimize their Email Campaigns for Mobile, which is a terrible mistake that seriously affects the ROI of their Email Marketing actions. According to a study published by Brafton , 75% of Americans simply delete emails if they are not optimized for mobile.Don’t allow this! Create a free account on Doppler and choose one of our Responsive HTML Templates to make your Campaigns shine on all types of devices. The best? They are free and 100% customizable .Personalization as a differential factor The secret of success in Email Trinidad and Tobago Business Email List will be directly related to the ability you have to adapt your Campaigns to the needs and interests of your Subscribers . How to achieve that? Collecting as much data as possible about them. Remember, the more you know them, the easier it will be to conquer them. Check out our post on customization factors .How do you prepare for 2016?We know, 2015 is not over yet and you already have to think about your next steps. Sounds exhausting, right? However, it is important that before the toasts and end-of-year celebrations, you sit down to take stock of all your Online Marketing actions and evaluate which ones have been the most effective and which ones you will have to rethink.The segmentation and personalization are concepts that should not be forgotten at any time of the year. We hope that you close this 2016 with countless achievements and new projects for the one that begins. Take advantage of this new beginning to think about your strategies with a renewed look and a lot of energy!Do you already have your strategies planned for 2016? Do you know other trends that will be key in the coming year? We want to know!

[Template] How to plan your Email Marketing strategy for 2016

Did you know that with Email Marketing you reach more customers, integrate your messages with social networks and measure their impact in minutes?Do you want to be part of the group of authors who write for the Doppler blog? Do not wait more! Send us your article.To make 2016 the best year for your company, we have prepared a very special material: an editable Template that will help you create your Email Marketing strategy step by step.Gone are the festivities, toasts and end-of-cycle meetings, 2016 has begun and you cannot be left behind! Take advantage of this moment to renew energy and reflect on your Email BAHAMAS BUSINESS EMAIL LIST actions or encourage yourself to plan your first strategy. Come on, this is your year!Prepare your reports, calculator, calendar and find yourself a comfortable chair. You have to create the plan that will change the results of your company. But don’t worry, you are not alone. Our Editable Template will help you make it easy. Download it for free!How to design your Email Marketing plan from scratch Whether you are about to start in the fascinating world of Email Campaigns or you simply want to review your strategy for the year that begins, we will present you one by one the aspects that you should not lose sight of to achieve your goals. Don’t miss this amazing step by step!

1) – Collect the information you need to plan The key to the success of any plan is to start devising it once you have reliable data on your target audience , competition and your own company. To do this, you must become a true detective! These are the elements that you must analyze:The only way to increase the effectiveness of your Email Marketing Campaigns is to have a clear idea of ​​who you are targeting. The more information you have about your Subscribers, the easier it will be to reach them with a message appropriate to their interests, needs and problems.Have you ever heard of the concept of Buyer Persona ? This term is used to designate a fictitious entity that is created to represent the different types of clients to whom you want to direct some action. If you are able to build this “model” of your target audience, you will not be able to fail!Although it may seem difficult to believe, the rest of the companies in your sector can be of great help when planning your strategy. If you closely follow their movements, you will not only be able to anticipate their future actions but you will also avoid making certain mistakes and will be able to detect opportunities to take advantage of. Find out how to spy on your competition !Determine your value proposition What makes your company unique and unrepeatable ? If you still don’t know the answer to this question, you are in trouble. For new consumers to choose your products and for your customers to continue doing so, you must give them something special .Do you create interesting and attractive content for your users? Do you highlight your products with an impressive presentation? Is your customer service known for its excellent performance? Do you meet the delivery dates in a timely manner? Find out how to define your value proposition by downloading our free Template .


2) – Define the objectives of your strategy The first step in any strategy is to determine the goals that you want to achieve. Do you already know what they are? If not, it is time to reflect on that and write them . This is a good way to keep track of them and to know immediately when you have strayed from them.What do you want to achieve in 2016? Here, we give you some ideas … Build loyalty to your customers.Increase your sales .Increase the quantity and quality of Subscribers .Drive more traffic to your Website, Online Store or Blog.
Add records to your events.Position your brand in the market.3) – Develop your Database Nothing better than starting the year with new and numerous qualified contacts to whom to send your Email Campaigns . Having thousands of Subscribers is useless if they are not interested in your products or content. So, the quality of your data will depend on the effectiveness of your lead acquisition strategies . This is your chance to increase the scope of your actions! Now how can you do it? Download our Email Marketing Template for free and find out.4) – Plan the contents of your Campaigns There is a type of Email piece for every need and objective . Once you are clear about what you want to achieve and to whom your messages will be directed, you are ready to choose the type that best suits your interests.In this way, if your goal is to increase your sales you should resort to creating Promotional Campaigns , if instead you want to retain your customers, you can send them your Newsletter or an Informative about a launch or news related to your company or sector.Do you know the 80-20 rule ? According to her, you must achieve a balance between the content that talks about your company and those that contribute something really valuable . Therefore, try not to think that your products are the center of the universe and that your potential customers are more likely to buy from a brand that provides them with interesting material.

5) – Create your shipping calendar A good way to get ahead of events is to have a list of special dates relevant to your business . There are many that are common to most industries such as Christmas, Cyber ​​Monday, Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, etc. You can also create your own events such as the anniversary of your company, celebrate the change of season or any other idea that comes to mind.Keeping them in mind will allow you to anticipate and create original Campaigns that generate good results. Even make a series of shipments before, during and after a certain date.6) – Define the frequency of your shipments Many of our users and clients always ask us: what is the ideal frequency? And the answer is: there is no formula that determines how many Emails to send in a defined period of time. Each Database is a world and the only way to find out is by testing.As a premise, keep something in mind: if you don’t have anything important to say, don’t say anything . As long as your content is interesting and contributes something to your Subscribers, they will not be bothered to receive your Emails.7) – Measure and optimize your Email Campaigns How do you know if your Email The Bahamas Business Email List strategy really works? The only way is by analyzing the results of your shipments . To do this, you must identify the KPIs that you will take into account and define the instruments that you will use to make your measurements, as well as the period of time in which you will do so.Do you want to know what are the metrics you should pay attention to? If you download our Template for free you will find out.Now you have some ideas that will serve as a guide to start developing your Email Marketing strategy. But, we have something even better! Complement this post with our super Template that will help you diagram your plan by answering a series of questions with examples. What are you waiting to get to work? Download it for free!

10 ideas to write posts when you can’t think of anything

The beginning of the year involves putting together your editorial calendar and defining the topics that you will later address in your Blog. If you’ve run out of ideas , don’t worry! In this post we will help you.Writing regularly can lead to repeating topics and inspiration fades at times. But if you have to be sure of something, it is that you always have to make your publications frequently since your readers are waiting for it.Before mentioning alternatives for writing articles , we recommend that you carry out an analysis of your most successful posts of 2015 . Having that base, it will be easier for you to know the preferences of your readers and, therefore, to choose the themes that may turn out to be more viral.It happens to all of us that we go blank and need certain triggers . Next, we present 10 topics that will be of great help to you in those moments when the ideas do not appear. Pay attention! 1: Educational or Tutorials Most users who search the Internet are researching something specific. Help them find what they want to know! You can write articles on how to do something specific or how to use a certain tool or product .A good way to present this type of article is by doing a step by step and even Saint Lucia B2B Contact List it with a video that graphs what you explain to make it clearer. Would you like to see an example? Check out our tutorial on how to create ads on Facebook Ads .

2: Interviews You can write an article based on an interview that you found interesting and highlight the most relevant points of the subject. It is always advisable to place the video (in the case of encounters recorded in this format) that has inspired you at the end of the post, for those who want to see it in full. Another option is that you are the one who interviews a reference regarding a topic that is interesting for your readers. In this case, you can record it on video and upload it along with the summary of it. That is what we have done at Doppler Interviews .3: Success stories This type of article consists of analyzing examples or situations to highlight positive and negative aspects, in addition to presenting some conclusions about the case. Many times, users need to know an experience in order to understand a certain situation or concepts.If you add statistics, videos or any material that supports and enriches your analysis , you will generate more credibility and interest.4: polls This tool is excellent to give you the initial kick that allows you to generate new content . Ask your readers what they like or want to know about and then fulfill their request!Write one or more posts about the topics that were most popular in the survey and it will be a win-win , you will please your community and, at the same time, you will have new content on your Blog .A survey is a really useful tool to receive feedback from your readers and thus optimize your actions. That is why, at Doppler, we perform one annually. Look at the results of the last !


5: Stories People like to read about your own experiences or interesting events that you have lived through, as they can be useful in the event that they go through a similar situation. This is a way for your readers to learn more about your personality and the context in which you find yourself.Publishing these types of articles is a good opportunity for you to invite your readers to share their experiences with you and thus be able to interact with them. Find an example of this action here . 6: update previous posts You can take articles that you have previously written and reshape them. The idea is not to repeat content, but to take it as a base point to update the topic .It is known that in the digital world everything is constantly changing and making these types of adjustments will make your readers notice that you keep them abreast of the latest news .7: Trends Build on current news and create new and impressive articles . Saint Lucia Business Email List users love to be aware of the news of the sector and if you are able to generate current content, you will become a true reference.A tool that you can use to guide you or find out about current issues are Twitter trending topics , which you can also segment by country or create custom preferences. These work as excellent content triggers.Also, there are some tools that you can consult on a daily basis to keep up with trending topics such as Feedly and Buzz Sumo . 8: Events If you are going to attend an important event that interests your community of readers, tell them about it! You can make a post with the preview of the event detailing what it is about and the reasons why they should attend .You can also create one that summarizes everything that happened during that event and critique what it was and if it met your expectations . Also, if you have photos or videos to show much better. Just like we did at Doppler with EMMS , a free online event that we do every year.

9: Articles by Guest Authors It is an action that most of the people who work in Online Marketing do . This allows the Blog to have a diversity of opinions and references on different topics.You can participate in other Blogs as a Guest Author or encourage others to publish articles on your page. One tip is to put together a technical specifications guide so that the posts they send you have a structure similar to what your readers are used to.At Doppler, we love that new authors join our community by submitting their posts. Would you like to become a Guest Author? Check out our Guest Posting section !10: Create Lists It is an excellent alternative to recommend new tools or related to a particular topic such as: Social Media, Email Marketing, CRM , etc. This way you can highlight the optimal uses and when to use them. Surely, your readers will appreciate you making this compilation of applications or articles.One recommendation is to put a striking title to tempt them to open the post. Have you already seen our post about the best Online Marketing articles of 2015 ? Do not miss it!Can you think of another idea to add? We invite you to add them in the comments, so we can know what are the topics that you would like us to address in our Blog. Do n’t forget to check this post as many times as necessary throughout the year!

The best CRM on the market

Are you ready to get off on the right foot? If so, I assure you that you have come to the right place. Today we are going to solve one of the biggest and most popular doubts in the digital marketing industry: CRM. If you want to know in depth what is a CRM and why does your business need one? enter our article, keep in mind that it is not the same as ERP, here we have the differences between CRM and ERP. One of the most common questions we run into is about the use of CRM. You don’t know how many clients we have seen trying to implement a super powerful (and not cheap) tool so that in the end they do not take full advantage of it.Here between us, it is not that your company does not need a CRM, it is that not everyone knows how to do or implement an inbound Saint Kitts and Nevis B2B Contact List strategy and therefore paying for an automation tool becomes a waste of money because in the end what are you? automating?It is not about sending emails or having a database. Well, it is a database but it is not only so that you have a personal directory, it is so that you can know how to direct the correct efforts to make them fall in love with you and end up buying with you. Don’t worry, I’ll take you step by step to decide which CRM is the one that best suits you and your company.The best CRM on the market The first thing we have to clarify is what a CRM is.For those lost, a CRM or Customer Relationship Management is software that helps us (as the name implies) manage the relationship we have with our customers, whether they have a time with us or are new.However, what began as a way to optimize a database has become a program capable of (depending on the budget and the tool) help you nurture your leads, follow them through the sales pipeline and why not? Until I find them.The CRM has become a tool that helps us manage our sales, inbound marketing campaign, salespeople, and when used well it can give us very valuable data to grow our business, improve our personal buyers and make it easier, more optimal and functional. our sales process.There are many factors that you should consider before deciding on one or the other since this is an investment that you should not take lightly, especially because if you choose one that, although it has many functions and optimization, it does not go according to the objectives or needs of your company you will only be wasting resources and having a bad experience with software that (as we already told you) can help you a lot to improve and optimize your sales pipeline.

We invite you to consult our article: How to use CRM to grow sales?Before choosing a CRM you need to take into account certain factors such as your budget and what other tools you want to integrate.What can a CRM do?
As we told you at the beginning, a CRM can save you a lot of work. Starting because it can show you where the holes are that are ruining the flow of your sales or the flow of your work.Some of the functions that CRM’s have are: Leads is the fancy name for prospects. Using a CRM allows you to find prospects or potential prospects from various sources such as your social networks, visits to your website, subscriptions to your newsletter , etc. In addition, the platform allows you to follow up on those prospects by nurturing them, that is, giving them the necessary information so that they can make a conversion or purchase with you. The most interesting thing is that during this process you can create your own parameters depending on what you need. Since we are talking about the nutrition process we have to mention that this is highly related to your marketing strategy. Just as you do not speak the same to all your buyer personas, we know that you do not treat your prospects or customers who are at a different level of your sales funnel the same way.A CRM can help you automate marketing processes like sending emails and even building landing pages. And yes, they also have the ability to measure results and keep a report on them, so all the data collected helps us better to improve our campaigns.Yes, we are already talking about reports and that is one of the best features that a CRM can offer us, however CRMs also allow us to save or download these reports, not only to take better control in your company but also to check where in the Sales process are getting stuck or they are losing their customers.In addition, all the information that the CRM collects also serves for the software to help you optimize those areas of your sales funnel, such as making the suggestion that you send an email to your prospects or leads who have cooled down.One of the advantages of CRM is that it can integrate other platforms that, although not originally in the software, manage to complement each other and keep a better record of your company’s sales activities , such as e-commerce and call centers. Yes, as you read it, a CRM may have the ability to record calls, although in reality it is thanks to the integration of call center softwares. So you can also integrate tools that help you build even online stores.

Some CRM’s include integration tools that allow you to take better control and make the process of follow-up calls to your customers automatic.How to choose the best CRM for my business?If we emphasize something, it is always that no matter what the competition is doing, when choosing what you are going to implement for your business you should always take into account your needs as a company , your processes and what you want to achieve (AKA the reason why you have decided to implement that strategy or platform).That is why before starting to make the comparison you should ask yourself:What are the processes that cost the most to your company? The most inefficient and the ones you want to improve with a CRM.¿ Who or who will use the CRM?
What other tool or software do we want to integrate into our CRM?And above all something that you should always take into account in all aspects of your company: what is my budget?Now that you have a clearer idea of the reasons why you need a CRM and that these are not your whims (or the marketing and sales team), it is time to decide which is the most suitable for you.We have already talked about some of the aspects that you should consider before choosing which CRM you are going to use that are very important such as integration; However, there are elements that not all of us take into account when deciding.We recommend you look at these other aspects before purchasing a CRM license:Believe it or not, the ability of your CRM to be hosted in a cloud or native, that is to say that it is physically hosted on your computer, is super important when deciding your CRM. For example, when you are in the cloud you only need to enter your CRM from anywhere in the world, the bad? That if you do not have Internet, you will not be able to access the site and it will probably be cheaper than the native one at the beginning, although in the long run, it will be more expensive than the native one.If you choose a native CRM, AKA one that is exclusively to be hosted on your computers, you can access it regardless of the quality of the internet, the problem is that you will most likely have to update it manually and be aware of all the changes that your platform go needing. This without counting that it will most likely have license costs that you will have to acquire.Think about whether you need your CRM to be hosted in the cloud or if it is better for you to pay a license to have it directly on your computer desktop.


A CRM is a considerable investment and you need to know if the tool you chose can handle it or if it is very complicated for your staff or does not fulfill the functions you need, so request that the platform you are going to acquire has a trial version or a free trial is essential.There are companies that offer live demos where they teach you how to use the platform so you can ask them specific questions about your company. Perhaps your strength is sending newsletters and that platform does not offer you a service as personalized as others. You need to keep in mind that in the end you are looking for something that helps you and not complicate the sales process.We also recommend that if you are going to request a live session (demo), that you are accompanied by two sellers or the person who will use the platform , since they are also the experts in their area and can tell you if it is worth acquiring it or not.One of the reasons why we struggle the most when choosing the best CRM for our company is that each business is different and has different processes. The tools usually try to cover them up and leave large spaces for customization; unfortunately not all fields can be personalized, that is why you need to check very well that the processes you need to be very specific can be adapted. Otherwise you will have to look for other tools to do it (especially if your platform does not have the integration of what you need).And to personalize it it is super important to have the right help. Sometimes we do not know how to move the program and we do not understand very well what it is about (it is normal especially when you are not used to using something) and we believe that it is impossible to do certain things. Having specialized tutoring to help you solve the problems that are presented to you, especially when starting to use the CRM is a plus that you need to consider.There are also new processes that you must learn and although it is always worth experimenting, in the CRM the faster you know how things work the better, so you can start to see results faster.There are platforms that give you training courses so that you learn how to use them, if you are convinced that this tool is for you, ask them to give you a course even if it is online, you can take it with your computer and also record it so that you have it available in the moment you need it most.

Another plus that you should consider is that your CRM has direct professional help that can solve your doubts and problems that arise. Sometimes we have an update or there is a process that cannot be completed because you are not entering or following a step correctly.Related imageThe best CRM on the market Having a personalized training is super important to facilitate the use of the CRM you have chosen, solve doubts and have better processes.
User experience As we told you in the previous point, you need to know what your team thinks of the platform and how comfortable they are with it. It is useless to have the best platform in the entire universe if your team is hindered in their work and it becomes more difficult for them to do things. The most important thing is how you and your team feel using it.Do you remember that we always emphasize how important the user experience is on websites so that they return to visit your page? Well, it is the same, when you acquire a CRM you do it thinking about your company and the solutions it can offer you, but if in the end its structure is very complicated, it is not responsive or it only confuses you more, you will not want to use it.A CRM that is friendly to the user who uses it is essential, do not underestimate this feature (and more if you do not have support available with the people in charge of the service), remember that the joke is that your sales process is easier, more enjoyable and optimal, do not complicate more.Another fundamental element is to check that the CRM that you are going to acquire has some association with local Partners . Why? Because that way you will have a better idea of ​​whether or not they work according to your field. There are also companies that offer CRM services that have associations where they can connect you with future clients who are looking for a company with your business.

And in some cases, there are companies that give you a bonus for bringing in new customers or that offer you a discount.In addition, the more people are using the platform near you, the more likely that there is exclusive advice for you either in your language or why not? Giving a face-to-face course to clarify doubts or learn how to get the most out of it in your own locality.Perhaps in Mexico you have not noticed much, but the regulations on privacy policies are something that all sites need to take into account , especially if you think about all the drama and how delicate it is to handle an amount of data of that magnitude.When we talk about the Data Protection Regulation or in English GDPR in the CRM we mean that not only privacy is important, but also the way in which you remove that data. If you decide to remove a lead or prospect from your database, it is super important that you can do it easily and quickly and not one by one , checking that all their data is properly removed from your platform. Review the conditions that your CRM has on privacy regulation, remember that it is not only your data, but that of your customers and it is private information that deserves to be respected.Now that you know the basic elements that you should consider when choosing which CRM you are going to implement in your Saint Kitts and Nevis Business Email List , we leave you some comparative tables with the software currently on the market (and the most popular ones) so that you can easily compare which features they interest you more.Although HubSpot is the most popular, the truth is that not all companies can afford or use it properly.You have to check super well that the service you are about to buy includes the CRM because, believe it or not, not all have it included (as a database) and you can go with the feint and just waste your money.With everything that we have already told you, an excellent option to use this CRM is in the real estate industry, here you can find how to use it: CRM for real estate.We hope that now you do have a clearer idea of ​​what your CRM will be and that our advice has been very helpful in making that decision.

Marketing tips for your next Christmas sale

Everyone knows the myth, Christmas is a product of marketing. And of course, as good children of the mercantile system, we couldn’t let this holiday go unnoticed without giving you a few marketing tips for your next Christmas sale.Yes, it is true, Christmas is already around the corner, and in Mexico (especially in the center of the country) we are more than celebrating Three Kings Day; However, this does not prevent you from taking advantage of all the Guadalupe-Reyes to make your business obtain more profits than it did the rest of the year. We cannot deny that the holidays are a great source of income for many businesses.While it is true that Christmas is a time to give and share, the reality is that it is also a long-awaited celebration by business owners and merchants. Not only for toy reasons, any industry (if it knows how to advertise) can take advantage of it to obtain significant income. ‍Did you know that 40% of annual income comes from this season?That’s how it is! Regardless of what you sell, we know that December is an important time for business and that is why we want to tell you about all the strategies that you can use and apply to take advantage of the festive mood and capitalize on a little of that energy of giving and buying gifts. that many of us get every December first. ‍That is why we need to plan your marketing strategy well in advance so that you do not miss the opportunity to put your business behind and make less profit than you could have if you had implemented a Christmas marketing campaign. Panama B2B Contact List tips for your next Christmas sale Follow our Marketing Tips for your next Christmas sale to be a success and make the most of your sales. Marketing tips for your next Christmas sale The most important key to making our strategy is planning. We need to have everything ready: materials, products, personnel, etc.And our number one tip before starting is to define what you are going to sell. It may sound simple, but knowing what you can offer and what not will save you a lot of headaches and will help you make your process to draw up your marketing campaign easier and more fluid.

In addition, knowing what you are going to sell will also allow us to have all our advertising material ready for those dates, starting our campaigns on time. Our goal is to be able to maximize our profits, so having everything in order and starting on time is essential to be able to capitalize on more sales. Try to have everything in the middle of November.It might sound very exaggerated, especially if you don’t want to be one of those businesses that put their little tree in October, but the reality is that the last quarter of the year is important for all businesses, especially when El Buen Fin is turned into a tradition in our country; and more when more and more businesses are joining Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday in recent years, so they try to unite their campaigns and efforts. In addition, having everything ready allows us to focus on the areas that need attention such as the creation of extra landings pages or optimization payments for campaigns on Facebook or Google AdWords. Now that your mind is in the game, it’s time to talk about our marketing tips for your next Christmas sale.Marketing tips for your next Christmas sale Say goodbye to your stagnant merchandise Do you have merchandise that you couldn’t sell in the year? It is time for us to get rid of it.Christmas is the perfect time to get your stagnant merchandise circulating again. It doesn’t take much logic to know that offers will always attract attention and will be crucial to make your campaign successful, so you have to think about which products you are willing to give them a discount and which ones are not.As we told you, it is a good time to be able to mobilize and sell everything that you could not in the year or that if you did not do it with the passage of time it will no longer be attractive or useful. This depends a lot on what your business is about, for example, think of a clothing store. What you do not sell in the summer season in 2018 is hardly going to be sold in the summer season of 2019, especially since it is an industry that is strongly governed by trends and although clothing does not expire, its audience is always there. looking for what’s in fashion and what’s new. That is why sales are such a phenomenon in the industry.Decide what your profit margin has to be, and hence how much you can or cannot discount.Another tip is that you can take advantage of what did not come out during the Good End, or Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday and offer it now. You do not need to offer the same offers, you can adapt it to the campaign you are implementing, or give an extra discount to what is already reduced, 2×1 or even 3×2.


You do not necessarily have to give discounts or offers, although it is a plus that your customers will appreciate and it is a strategy that does not fail.For example, you can sell driving courses or English classes for 2019 with a 10% discount if paid in cash or before a certain date. You can also run your campaign with other types of offers, for example you can have free shipping during certain dates or sell an exclusive product , the important thing is that you have well thought out what your marketing strategy will be and that it allows you to obtain profits and not be harmful. against you.The joke is to generate income, not to turn it into expenses . The offers on these dates is something that we all want (and are looking to) take advantage of. You can also offer benefits, months without interest or other products (such as those that are stagnant) if you do not want to drop the price of things at once.Now that you know what the goal of your campaign will be, you need all the visuals. We always recommend having a design professional present in your company. Although social networks and platforms like Canva make everything much easier, if you want your products to shine, your designer or your design team will be a key piece in the development and success of your campaigns, especially because what we want to do is everyone see your product.You can read our 9 tips for hiring a design company to give you an idea of what you should consider to have your design team. In addition, Christmas is a giant product of Panama Business Email List and in this industry love is born from sight, do not underestimate the professional quality.One of the things that you have to keep in mind when approving your ads (or creating them) is that the offers should show off and be as visible as possible. Create a sense of urgency and desire.We always tell you that your creativity is your best ally, but it is serious, maintaining the same voice in your networks and through your campaign will not only give you a sense of cohesion, but it will also be easier for your audience to understand the message and have more sales closings; There will be audiences that follow you on Facebook, others that follow you on Instagram, and others that have entered your website.As we always emphasize, no one knows your business better than you and if you know (for example) that Facebook or Instagram are your two most important promotional media, create relevant content for those networks. Try to focus your efforts or budget strongest on the media where you know you are most likely to succeed.

In addition, a designer knows what measurements and what is the quality that they should use for the different platforms. On the web, it is recommended that the file be in 72dpi. And of course, if what you need are measurements, you can check our guide to image measurements for social networks.Marketing tips for your next Christmas sale Make all your campaigns have the same graphic elements, so they don’t look like they are from different brands.Make the text of your visuals clear and concise.Do you remember that love is born from sight? Well, with large letters and numbers confusion is also avoided.Make your ads have visible prices, or offers, avoid the fine print that can be harmful to the consumer (also that is prohibited, eh) and save yourself fines and thousands of hours spent explaining what you really wanted to say.Being clear and concise in your ads can be complicated if you choose, for example, Facebook Ads where you can only put 20% of text so that they have a better performance. However, this is not an impediment to your creativity either. Get together with your team and decide what is the most impressive thing about your offer or what could attract the most to the consumer and make the visuals with that in mind.Always, always, always put a call to action. Whether it is a purchase here, call now, learn more or visit our website, call to action or calls to action help you to facilitate the path from the buyer to your prospect.I imagine that you sent him a newsletter with the best Christmas offers but did not put a call to action on him . The user may be delighted with the offers but without the call to action, he will have to leave his mail and go find the page you mention and many will be lazy.When you add a CTA, what you do is tell the customer, hey I have this perfect offer for you, and I’m going to tell you where and how you can buy it. You must also bear in mind that if you are going to create landing pages or send people to your site, your website must not only be optimized with SEO strategies but you must also leave everything you offer in plain sight and make the experience of the user not so complicated so that they decide to stay on your page and continue shopping with you.We recommend reading our guide to web trends to get an idea of ​​what works (and no longer) in the field of web design.Now that you know what our tips are, we hope that little by little you will begin to prepare for Christmas 2019. Remember that it is never too late to do so. So you can give your inbound marketing strategy a chance for a whole year to start bearing fruit.We hope you have a great time at these parties, and that you celebrate with the people you love the most. Merry Christmas!

Internet Marketing for Hospitals

Inbound marketing is a tool that can make any business stand out regardless of the line in which it operates.We have already explained how you can apply and adapt these strategies for schools and universities in Digital Marketing for universities (and teachers) and even for real estate in digital real estate marketing . However, if there is an industry whose marketing strategy is a bit difficult to do, it is the medical industry and more the hospitals.Think about it, nobody wants to go to a hospital . They are one of those places that in pop culture and in our collective imagination do not have very good references if you don’t want to be a doctor. Not only for illnesses. A visit to the hospital can be quite expensive and more so in Mexico where we do not have a very good reference to our health system.This is why we have to talk about internet Nicaragua B2B Contact List for hospitals, which, although it may be difficult, is not impossible and we are going to tell you how you can carry it out.Marketing in the hospital industry To begin we have to ask ourselves the question that you were probably asking yourself in the introduction , is there Internet marketing for hospitals? Yes, although you may not believe it, marketing for hospitals exists, however, unlike other industries (such as education), the strategy must be a little more subtle and with a new approach than what the industry has been doing for a few years.Part of what makes inbound marketing special is that it concentrates and privileges the user experience: content, web design, newsletters, everything we do as part of our strategy we do in a super personalized way. The same we have to do when we do internet marketing for hospitals.Obviously we can’t tell you, hey when you get sick visit us because let’s be honest, no one is expecting to get sick, but we can make our strategy focus on patients on their own terms.For example, one of the mistakes hospitals make when trying to market is to focus on the things they think users appreciate more about a hospital as fancy gadgets.In reality, patients choose based on the specific treatments offered, the experience of their doctors and, above all, the low error rate they offer.

If you had to go to a hospital, who would you choose? Do you go to Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital with Dr. Meredith Gray or do you go to Princeton-Plainsborn University Hospital where you can consult with Dr. House?In the real world, it is very likely that you will choose Dr. House , because you know that he will do everything possible to save you and that he is always right. On the other hand, one of the reasons why we will flee from Gray Sloan is that despite having good doctors, so many things have happened in that hospital that we would even be afraid that we would get bad.However, it is a reality that no one plans an emergency hospital visit, so your inbound marketing strategy needs a lot of patience since many future patients may not need your help right away.In addition, another of the mistakes that hospitals make is that even in the collective imagination we do not see hospitals as anything other than an emergency center, when they are also facilities where they offer specific services such as specialist consultations or outpatient treatments.Maybe it’s because hospitals shy away from digital marketing. Yes, we are not saying that they do not do it but most of them concentrate their efforts on traditional marketing such as posters and flyers and have not yet made the full leap into the world of inbound.If there is one thing we are sure of, it is that despite his many failings, House is an excellent doctor and he will have a diagnosis for us. We trust him.Now that you know the mistakes hospitals make in their marketing strategies, it’s time to talk about how we can do Internet marketing for hospitals.We invite you to learn more about health sector marketing at: Attraction marketing for the health sector.One of the changes we have seen the most in hospital marketing strategies is that facilities are using (or selling) the luxurious comfort that hotels offer as their main attraction to attract more patients. However, as we mentioned at the beginning, clients rarely choose based on this, so what can I do to improve my Internet marketing strategy for hospitals?AKA knows your product. I know, it sounds like the simplest thing in life but you don’t know how many times we have come across people who have no idea what their product is and therefore cannot know who to sell it to or how to do it.It is quite common to want to sell your product as what you think is “the best hospital in the city, or the state” and so on. But you cannot offer what you are not. Not because your hospital is not good, but the question you must answer is why is it?

Remember that you have a lot of competition and your clients have limited money (or maybe not) to spend, why should they come with you?Remember that you have to sell to your audience (patients) so you cannot sell it in the same way that you would sell it to a doctor. Maybe for doctors having the best gadgets is what makes the hospital, but why did you choose House? Because you know that he is a trusted doctor whose intellect does not fail. We are not saying that having the best facilities does not attract attention, for example a woman who is pregnant is obviously going to worry about being comfortable and having the best for her baby but in the end it comes down to attention.One element that we hardly take into account when marketing for hospitals is that word of mouth is very important. Hasn’t it happened to you? That your mom’s friend or someone you know got sick and ended up in a hospital. The treatment they gave him was sure to be a topic of conversation. From how many places have you not fled because they gave you a bad service, it is the same in this case.That is why the first thing we have to find out is the perception that your audience has of your hospital , especially if you do not know what it is.The easiest way to start is by asking patients.You can start by doing a small survey of those who leave the hospital or call those who were patients. Of course we know that all this has to be tactful because just as there are routine exercises such as consultations, there are situations such as operations where the patient will not be willing to answer because they would be incapacitated.Ask your AKA patients your audience about your product to get a better idea of ​​who you are as a product.One of the most frequent complaints patients make to marketing strategists is a lack of empathy. We know that in the medical environment empathy has another meaning but when we talk about internet marketing strategies for hospitals, we mean that instead of making an effort to tell stories (and spending your budget) start listening to what your patients have to say. . ‍Invest part of your budget in the creation of surveys or strategies so that your audience can be part of your strategy and not only end up consuming what you want to sell them.Focusing on the sale is important. But focusing on what happens after the sale is even more so . This is a secret that not all marketers have taken advantage of. Perhaps because we are conditioned to seek results and because we want them now. Focusing on getting sales is part of our inbound marketing routine. We find leads, we contact them with the correct message and the most appropriate channel, and at the end we close the sale and that’s it. However, what happens next is just as important as making the sale.

Do you remember the word of mouth recommendation? In that case you have already gone to a hospital, you have already “closed the sale” but now that recommendation that you will make falls outside the sales process. When your friends or family ask you how it was, you will tell your experience. If the doctor gave you the best treatment, if they never had the right medicines, etc.It’s pretty funny actually. A few years ago my mother was admitted to the hospital twice almost at the same time, the first time seriously, and our experience was incredible. However, the second time (due to insurance change) he could not return to that hospital and we had to go to a supposedly more luxurious one and yes, it was, but the attention was not compared to the first. The beds were extremely uncomfortable, the food tasted bad and although it was three days his experience was not the best, yet he always recommended the hospital, why? For the nurses. My mother was fascinated by the treatment the nurses gave her and every time they ask her about that hospital she always says the same thing, the food is bad but the treatment is the best.The same thing happens with your patients. Investing in after-sales mechanisms is important. Not only because it will allow you to know what you should improve, but you will also know what the perception of your hospital is and in what stages of the patient you can improve and you need to optimize your services.Internet Marketing for Hospitals Invest your budget in mechanisms to listen to your customers.Nowadays it is super normal to see doctors on social networks : nutritionists, gynecologists and even plastic surgeons. However, hospitals have had a harder time approaching this medium. In part it is because hospitals do not yet know what they can achieve with them. They have no defined objectives, methods, or goals. Many times they believe that being on Facebook is all they have to do (when we have repeated here that having a presence is not synonymous with strategy).Others, on the other hand, understand everything that the networks can do but do not know how.The first thing we have to understand is that results cannot be built overnight. And yes, we say build because it is a process that we must do in order to see the results in the long run.For example, one of the factors that limit hospitals or clinics to use social networks is that when we talk about the health sector there can be no mistakes or half-truths ; things have to be the way they are and so much information can make the patient dizzy and confused.


However, social media is an excellent opportunity to find new patients (especially those in need of a specific doctor or treatment) as well as collaborators, and offer medical advice. The problem is that if we live in the age of self-medication with the Internet (by the way, don’t do it or we will end up in the apocalypse of super bacteria), doctors and hospitals have to be twice as careful what they publish and promote on their networks.Don’t let this put you off; create strategies where you can provide relevant and quality information without putting your hospital or the lives of your patients at risk.One of our favorite accounts is the Mayo Clinic (yes, the one where Dr. Cristina Yang goes to work). In case you doubted its existence in real life, the Mayo Clinic has become one of the most viral hospital accounts, why? Well, because they are dedicated to making content like the video above. Giving information and establishing a relationship with their patients on social networks.As a curious fact this year in March, a video of two doctors singing and playing the piano went viral on their networks. In 4 tips for everyone to love your brand we mentioned the disadvantages of offering a 100 percent institutional profile. This is a very common mistake regardless of the industry in which you operate, unfortunately for all these issues of having to seem “serious” because at the end of the day what a hospital offers is the care and preservation of human life and health , clinics and hospitals do not give themselves the opportunity to establish a real relationship and not as if they were just another account on the Internet. Learn from them and begin to privilege the personal over the institutional. Remember that the key is empathy with your audience.By now you should know that the main king of attraction marketing is content creation. However, it cannot remain static forever.We know how difficult it must be to create medical content, first because you must offer information that you cannot paraphrase as you like best. You have to respect the rules and names. You cannot give false information or make assumptions and you cannot reveal the names of your patients (so success stories are not always possible).In addition, it is important that when writing medical content the person who writes it knows what they are talking about. Offer relevant and engaging content on the hospital blog.

Yes, you need to have a blog. If not, where are you going to share your content? Having a blog is a fundamental part of putting together your content strategy. If you still doubt its benefits in 8 reasons to create your business blog, we tell you why you should have one.But beware, you will not see results overnight. There are still people who do not understand very well how inbound marketing works and doubt its capacity. If you are one of those who still do not believe that with making content you can increase your sales, in What is Inbound Nicaragua Business Email List and why is everyone talking about it? We explain each of its stages and the mechanisms that you must implement in them.And of course, making content by itself is not going to bring you results, you need to combine them with a good SEO strategy. In How is organic positioning (SEO) achieved? We show you how to do it step by step, so that Google bots place you in the first positions and when someone is looking for a keyword such as bruising you appear in the first places.Trends for internet marketing for hospitals in 2019 Now that you know what approaches you should take to your digital marketing strategy, it is time to talk about what is coming this year and what hospitals should be implementing to position themselves in the first places.Videos are one of our favorite media. Perhaps it is because of the ease of consumption or the way in which we “interact” with someone real because we have it in front of us, or because it combines audio and image, etc. Video has become a favorite in inbound marketing strategies . Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to do it well.One of the trends for the hospital sector will be videos with valuable content, but not just pre-recorded ones. AKA streaming live content has started to gain more strength than ever thanks to the feeling that it is at the moment.That is why we emphasize the importance of having a doctor or specialist to make content on your site or for your blog . You can do a Q&A, or talk about a specific topic and even give a mini class about a disease or the functioning of an organ, etc.All with the aim of attracting an audience interested in what you have to say and giving them quality information in one of the easiest ways to consume knowledge.We had already told you that one of the elements that you have to start integrating into your content strategies is SEO with Google Maps. Why? P ues because the search for something on Google first thing you see is as close to you. And we need to capitalize on that to appear to people who are looking for your services.It is the same with hospitals. We need the content you are creating to include Google Maps. There are tools that allow you to do SEO optimization for maps, and thus obtain a better rating from Google (and search engines in general) to appear first when someone searches for a hospital.

You also have to bear in mind that smartphones are a very important part of our day-to-day lives and that a large part of the searches are done from there (and that not all of us know very well how to move without google maps). Internet Marketing for Hospitals One of the trends for internet marketing for hospitals in 2019 will be to privilege the user / patient experience.The narcotics crisis Did you know that 115 people a day die in the US from some drug-related addiction? Well yes, according to data from March 2018.There is no denying the existence of an opioid or narcotic crisis. The worst thing is that these drugs are therefore super strong drugs (such as painkillers) that become addictive and now it has become a problem thanks to the illegal distribution of it.In fact, heroin is also an opioid and in 2019, hospitals and doctors should focus their efforts on using their voices and professional experience to talk about this problem and try to mitigate the crisis.Also called virtual medicine, it is something that has been growing in recent years and although it cannot offer the same care as a live doctor, there are cases where it can do a lot.Especially since there is a very strong increase in demand . There are situations where due to the distances or the ease for patients to see their doctor via video call, it is estimated that hospitals will begin to invest in this modality.Do not miss this trend and keep it in mind. There are clinics that already offer these consultations online, especially thanks to the evolution of mobile devices and computers, as well as the speed of the internet.The patient’s experience.
Thanks to the privatization of the healthcare sector, the user experience has become one of the number one priorities of hospitals. As we explained to you before, more and more patients feel stoned to express their opinions and more so when they are paying for a service. Also the fact that social networks give more voice to users (and that they can expose them) makes the attention to the user privileged. And at the end of the day the healthcare sector is still a business that needs to treat its clients well if they want them to return to them. So now you are ready to do internet marketing for hospitals , we hope you put our advice into practice and your marketing strategy is a success.

Digital marketing trends that you should not forget

If we have seen something in recent years, it is that we are no longer to ignore digital marketing.Relax, we are not saying that traditional marketing is dead and that it will no longer be necessary. The fear that digital will take over and replace analog has been present since the creation of television and ebooks, and look in 2018 the sales of physical books increased. Damn millennials!The reality is that doing digital marketing gives you an advantage over your competition . Social networks (and especially the Internet) have become part of our daily lives and ignoring it would be wasting an opportunity to connect with more potential customers and reach more people.However, as you may well know, the laws of digital marketing, although they share elements with traditional Mexico B2B Contact List, follow their own rhythm . And it is our duty to adapt to them in order to succeed on the Internet and in the hearts of its users.That is why today, instead of remembering the past, we are going to give you a sample of the trends that you should not forget and continue to apply companies so that your purpose of being number one in your field is a short-term goal.Digital Marketing Trends for 2019 Get started with these digital marketing trends and succeed on the Internet.Digital Marketing Trends One of the things we learned when doing digital marketing is that the king of your strategies should be the user. ‍If I already know that we tell you that the content is the most important thing, we are not taking weight off it, but one of the mistakes that we run into the most when making strategy is that there are many entrepreneurs (and marketers) who still do not understand that If social networks and the Internet have positioned themselves the way they have, it is thanks to the fact that they focus on privileging the user experience above all else .A close example, when Instagram had to undo an update since in less than an hour all the users were complaining about how horrible the swipe was. And they had to return to their scroll down that characterized the network so much.This is one of the challenges that networks and apps face: the user’s ability to decide even over their own benefit. It is said that the Internet is a place where all voices can coexist but when the mass has an opinion and there are interests involved, our curiosity to see how companies are going to solve the apparent power that the user has to dictate how things should be , increases. So for whatever you know, the user above all else.

‍If anyone has had it difficult, it is Facebook. After being in the middle of scandals with the irresponsible use of user information, we know that now people think twice before clicking on how you would see the opposite sex to prevent their personal data from being shared, at least generations younger. Because if something is a reality, it is that the reputation of Facebook among its young users is on the ground: The false information, their participation in politics, their lack of action when closing networks, content or groups that affect against integrity people have made younger millennials and Gen Z look less good on the web. And it is that 41% of Facebook users are people over 65, so yes, be careful with what you post because not only your aunts are on Facebook but also your grandmother could be.Should Mark Zuckerberg be concerned about this? We know that you are already taking advantage of it. We are not saying that there are no young people on Facebook or that they are going to move to another network, if anything, it is still the social network par excellence (and if we think about its relationship with the public and politics, it would be very gringos to believe that everything that happens in ” America ” is the same in the rest of the world).Facebook has diversified to become one of the advertising and marketing networks par excellence, their plans for companies and the fact that little by little they are improving their advice for them makes us think that they know exactly what they are going to do with their market and you should too.Creating super optimized strategies on Facebook is something that can help you find leads, customers and make sales. So don’t just make content for millennials and start exploring this target with purchasing power that spends a lot of time online.Here we leave you something that may interest you so that you know what is a good time to post on Facebook: The best time to post on Facebook Digital Marketing Trends for 2019 What will make Facebook special later on will be that it improves its advice for Facebook Business attention and that your campaigns focus on a target based on age according to network users. Zuckerberg may not be so concerned about Facebook because he knows he has Instagram. And if there is a network that has been positioning itself as the favorite, this is it. Perhaps because of his visual ability, and because he is striving to be the all-in-one. For example, it recently added the ability to send audios in its direct messages, and now you can share music, let them make recommendations, do live streaming and we are very curious to know how companies will start to make Instagram TV part of their strategies.

Perhaps its ability to evolve is what has made Instagram have already passed one billion users. In addition, one of its advantages is that they are mostly under 30 years of age.Another factor that you should consider is that although Instagram is not as optimized as Facebook, it is an ideal tool for advertising and more because it is purely visual and we fell in love with the product before seeing the text.Do not rule it out of your strategy and increase the use of stories . Increase the chances of interacting with your clients by creating templates, Q & A’s sessions or ask them to make recommendations for a series or their favorite song.We have already told you that having a profile on the Internet is not the same as having a strategy in social networks and that being a company no matter how serious you are should not be an excuse for not interacting with the public , look at NASA and its relationship with your audience. If you have doubts about this, you can always read our 4 tips so that everyone loves your brand and our article on digital marketing trends that you need to apply .In addition, making the user feel special and privileging him above all things is something that we cannot forget in any strategy we do, but more so on Instagram where most of its users are under 30 and they realize when what you want is to sell them only .We also recommend you check the guide to gain followers on instagram that we have prepared for you.We have already told you, chatbots are already a necessity, not a luxury. Well, they are not as expensive as you think. In our entry How to use a chatbot to sell in your ecommerce? We anticipated how important it has become to have a chatbot for the big brands, especially because it gave them the opportunity to interact with their users and make sales 24 hours a day without the need to have advisers all the time (or exploit them, huh).You should not fear them, in fact you can already customize yours on your fanpage and believe me you will save yourself a lot of headaches. You can optimize it to answer common questions, to filter leads, accompany the user in the sales process (and specify them more frequently) and solve doubts that may take them away from their goal of being our customers.


Digital Marketing Trends for 2019 A chatbot on your fanpage or on your ecommerce or website can help you optimize the purchase process of your users, and in the long run it can solve frequently asked questions and avoid having advisers present all the time.Perhaps you no longer know all the youtubers or you do not see vlogs but the reality is that the videos are not going to leave very soon in our lives and even more so when 73 of the US users are glued to YouTube. Yes, maybe 2018 was the year of the podcast (and we don’t think that will stop) but videos are still so important especially when more platforms are using them as part of their strategies.The important thing is that you do not leave them aside and that you do not limit yourself to YouTube. If it is super important but so is Instagram and Facebook. Having different content but coming from the same source (like a long video) can help you better distribute and redistribute your content by channeling to different audiences and attracting them to your brand (or your YouTube channel).One of the most important tips that we can give you is that you do not leave aside the captures of the subtitles in the videos because many people watch them in silence. In addition, social networks give us the ability to reach many people who in the real world suffer from part of access; not including the captures in your videos makes it impossible for deaf people to enjoy them. Check out everything activist and model Nyle DiMarco has done to make brands aware of how important it is for them to be part of something as basic as watching a video and being considered future customers.Another element that you should take into account is that while producing videos it’s a thing , it is also being live streaming. From Facebook to Twich, live video is becoming an everyday thing that your brand should take advantage of to engage with its audience. Yes, it is not just a matter of influencers or celebrities, the spontaneous nature of live streaming is attracting more and more users and brands. You can do a Live of questions or answers and even a podcast, in short the possibilities are many, just be careful to choose the correct voice AKA the personality of your brand at the time of doing it.

Can you believe it?Emails are here to stay and now more personalized than ever. Yes, I know, the email was never completely gone, but I’m talking about emails for marketing purposes. ‍It is not about spamming. Using email for sales purposes is about personalization , baby .You can read our guide How to write a functional sales email? So that you learn to lose your fear of this tool that can help you make your customers fall in love with your brand and your product. Don’t underestimate it. You can create a Newsletter or send information such as offers or your recent entries and even make recommendations, etc.The important thing is that you manage to make them personalized so that they do not seem written in a generic way with the sole purpose of selling to the user , in addition there are automation tools that make it increasingly easier to be able to make these mass emails through triggers or filters. Give them a chance. Digital Mexico Business Email List Trends for 2019 Personalization is the key to making emails part of your digital marketing strategy.2018 was the year of the podcast and that is why it is not surprising that currently one of the challenges for search engines (and companies) is to be able to perfect voice search.Yes, voice interactions are becoming more popular, especially with the arrival of Siri and Alexa on the market. So start preparing your site meta descriptions for verbal interaction.Of course this is a challenge. For example, writing to read is not the same as writing to speak it and also many times voice interactions leave much to be desired (let’s see, try to search for Benedict Cumberbatch by voice search) however we are sure that very soon we will have direct news from Silicon Valley with the novelty that interaction via voice will even be part of our social networks , make our words.But what can mortals do in the meantime? As we already told you, try to make your meta descriptions make sense not only for SEO issues but also so that when you listen to it, it makes sense. Do you remember what we talked about about accessibility for people with disabilities? Well, the same applies, make your content can be clear and understandable (and with coherence) for everyone.Yes, no matter how much of a pro you are when producing videos or how optimized your blog is, if your content is not relevant it is not worth it.In a sea of ​​information, with so many options and with so little time, content is the key for your users to follow you and consider you a reliable source of information. The key to making better content is not just knowing what to say but who to say it to. Understanding that the end user is the one who will consume it and finish it is essential. Have a better understanding of who your target is so that you know what you should offer them: what they are looking for and consuming, what are their frequently asked questions, what the competition is not giving them, etc.The better you know your target or audience, the better content you can offer them and the more opportunities you will have to get them to convert with you.We hope that you are always ready for more learning and new clients, and that you can apply our tips to these trends so that your brand grows more this year.